The 10 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring
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The 10 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring

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Have you ever thought about growing your very own flowers at home? It might sound like a tall order if you've never done it before, but we're here to say it's anything but. With that in mind, we've got 10 flowers you need to check out! Sow seeds in the springtime, and come summer and autumn, you'll have some beautiful blooms at your disposal.

Very often, we walk past another’s garden or another's balcony, and look in awe at the abundance of colourful life growing there. All too often, we then walk off and assume such beauty is beyond us. Well, not this spring!

Planting and growing flowers is easy and very satisfying, believe it or not. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of our favourites.

Why should you grow flowers?

Why shouldn’t you grow flowers? Growing flowers in your garden, on your balcony, or just outside your window in a planter box is a great way to herald in the spring. Not only do they look beautiful and soothe the eye and mind, but they also provide much-needed food for pollinators and insects.

Sow life, and you will invite more life. If you’ve never grown flowers before, you’ll be surprised how much they can lift both a space and your mood!

Top 10 flowers to grow

There are many beautiful flowers in the world, and everyone has their own taste. In the following list, we’ll share our 10 favourite flowers to plant this spring, to help get you started. The blossoming is near!

1. Corn poppy single red

Corn Poppy Single Red

The corn poppy, or Papaver rhoeas, is a very famous plant. Growing on roadsides and across the fields of France (think World War I), this flower has become an emblem of war and peace. Despite its associations, though, it remains to be a very popular garden flower. Easy to grow and exceptionally beautiful, why not add it to your garden or balcony?

This poppy is actually considered as a weed, due to its ability to grow well in disturbed soil. Prior to the mass use of herbicides, this plant was very common in farm land. However, it is now on the decline—sadly. So give it a new home, and grow the corn poppy yourself!

2. Red coreopsis

Red Coreopsis

Red coreopsis, or red satin, is another beautiful flower with red petals. The petals of this plant have a velvety look, and become blood-red or even slightly purple as they mature. The centre of this flower, where the pollen is found, is a bright yellow hue that contrasts with and complements the red of the petals.

A benefit of this flower is that it can be cut back, which will encourage it to bloom once more. This process can be repeated until the first frost.

3. Gardenia


Gardenia actually belongs to the same family of plants as coffee, and naturally grows in tropical and subtropical regions all over the world. It has creamy white petals that don’t only grow out sideways, but also curl forwards, which shelters the stamen and stigmata. These parts of the plant are a pretty yellow colour. Gardenias are, moreover, well-loved for their delicious fragrance.

As they come from tropical regions, they like heat and direct sunlight—around 8 hours a day! So if you can only provide a shady patch for these darlings, you might want to consider finding some other, more suitable plant.

4. Forget-me-not: indigo blue

Forget-Me-Not: Indigo Blue

These small indigo flowers aren’t just very pretty, but rich in symbolism too. They bloom early and can remain for most of the season if they are well-cared-for and the weather is right. The petals are indigo with white bordering and veins, while the throat in the middle is yellow. They grow in thick, low clusters.

This particular variety is supposed to symbolise lasting love, fidelity, and faithfulness. Tradition has it that if you give these to someone, you are indicating that you will hold them in your thoughts always—as the name suggests.

5. Balloon flower: blue

Balloon Flower: Blue

Balloon flowers belong to the bell flower family, and they are shaped accordingly. For reference, the petals extend and open similarly to those of lily flowers. The petals are mainly blue-purple with some creamy colouration along the borders and veins. The stigmata and stamen protrude out on little stems, rather than nestling in a cluster at the centre of the flower.

These flowers are great for pollinators and pretty hardy, meaning that once you’ve planted the seeds, they’re good at looking after themselves. They also work well in rock gardens.

6. Roses


These flowers need no introduction. Symbolising love and romance, roses hold sway over the popular imagination more than perhaps any other flower. Beautiful, rich in scent, yet thorny and tough, these plants represent the toils of love with quite some accuracy.

So, why not grow your own? Roses grow well, last for years, and come in various colours, sizes, and scents. Choose the one that suits you the best, and see if it can bring some amour to your life!

7. Sunflower


Another famous flower—these impressive beings thrive and die with the summer. They erupt in spring, grow to find the sun, and then die away by the end of autumn, bowing their heads and spilling their seeds like tears. And while those dead ones won't come back to life next year, you can plant their seeds for another cycle.

These flowers are particularly interesting as they follow the sun throughout the day. Although you can’t see them moving with the naked eye, if you check on them at both the beginning and end of the day, you’ll see that they surely have moved, facing the sun as it traces its path across the sky.

8. Petunia


Petunias are stunning little star-shaped flowers. They actually belong to the same broad family as tobacco plants, although petunias contain no nicotine.

They are easy to grow and can survive in most conditions and soil types. Petunias require no more than 5 hours of sun a day, so you won’t need the most illuminated space in the world to successfully grow these little plants.

9. Dandelion


Dandelions, too, are often considered a weed due to their hardy nature. However, these flowers are very attractive and certainly uplifting, and provide some of the first food for pollinators when they emerge in the early spring.

Growing dandelions is very easy, and will light up your garden earlier than most of the other plants on this list. Plant dandelions to get an early bloom, and watch some pollinators while you wait for the other flowers to emerge.

10. Nasturtium


There are over 80 species of nasturtium! Most are hardy and bell-shaped, and can be grown in a wide range of conditions. There are also perennial and annual varieties available, depending on what takes your fancy.

These plants are also great as companion plants to vegetables you want/need to protect, as their peppery petals can help to keep pests away. Plus, they’re edible! Add them to salads for a subtle, special flavour!


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Grow Some Flowers This Spring!

With so many to choose from, and so little effort required, why wouldn’t you buy some seeds and plant some flowers this spring? Whether you want to soothe your eyes, feed the bees, or both, planting flowers is a fantastic move.

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