Top 10 Easy-To-Grow Herbs
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Top 10 Easy-To-Grow Herbs

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Ever wanted to cultivate your very own herbs, but thought the task would be too demanding or that you wouldn't have enough space? Well, we're to say that these problems are a thing of the past! We've selected 10 easy-to-grow herbs that don't need acres of land or round-the-clock maintenance to perform. Get fantastic results with little effort.

Growing herbs at home has truly never been easier. Sure, there was once a time when some extensive plant knowledge was required, as well as a bunch of accessories and plenty of space. However, you needn't have an abundance of resources or experience to grow some fantastic herbs. Whether you've got acres of land or just a windowsill to grow on, we've picked out 10 easy-to-grow herbs that will bring vibrancy and aromas to all sorts of dishes!

Why should you grow herbs?

So, what's the point of growing herbs if you can nip down to your local supermarket and pick them up? While this is a viable option, where's the fun and sense of satisfaction in that? Cultivating your very own herbs at home and taking a cutting whenever you want is a luxury that everyone should have. Not only will you have herbs “on tap”, but you can grow them how you want to.

It's no secret that some commercial growers use pesticides or other chemicals to prolong the life of their herbs and vegetables. Cultivating your own allows you to stay in complete control of your herbs from start to finish. Not to mention, growing herbs is a massively rewarding and genuinely fun thing to do! But don't just take our word for it. Grab some seeds, and see for yourself.


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Top 10 herbs to grow in your garden

But which herbs should you take a look at growing? Of course, personal taste will play a role in which varieties you pick; however, the following 10 selections have plenty to offer growers of all experience levels. So prepare your growing space, and get ready to open yourself up to a new world of home-cultivated herbs.

1. Sage


No stranger to stuffing, roast dinners, or Thanksgiving, sage has long held a respected place in the kitchen, and is also a cinch to grow. With its strong earthy taste with slight mint and musky undertones, it might not sound super appealing, but when paired with the right poultry, you've got a winner. Just sow your seeds in spring, subject them to around 6–8 hours of full sun each day, and come late summer, you'll have some superb sage to combine with your favourite dishes.

2. Thyme


Ideal for teaming up with Mediterranean vegetables, fish, and pork, thyme is a tried and true herb that's been used for centuries, and for some very good reasons. Thyme is also incredibly simple to grow, hence its inclusion on our list. Sow the seeds in well-dra ined soil in spring, and this perennial plant will more than take care of itself for the duration of its lifespan. Just be sure to prune occasionally to keep things neat and tidy, and water every so often to keep the plant hydrated.

3. Chives


As a milder member of the onion family, chives bring a subtle flavour that makes them the perfect addition to omelettes, potato salad, and soups. The applications are plentiful, and this plant is also effortless to cultivate. Chives need moist yet well-drained soil to perform, but they are perennial and will continue to flourish year after year. So make the most of them during the summer months, including them in barbecues and other festive meals!

4. Dill


Bound to appeal to those that love to pickle, dill is also favoured for pairing with fish dishes. No matter how you look to use this robust and resilient plant, it's one that won't cause any headaches when it comes to cultivation. Plant your seeds around 1cm deep in spring, in well-drained soil that's ever so slightly acidic. Give your plants just a couple of months, and they'll be ready to use before you know it. Enjoy dill whenever you'd like!

5. Mint


Whether mashed up into mojitos or made into tea, mint has plenty of uses in the kitchen. Place your seeds into moist, well-drained soil, and subject plants to plenty of full sun. Mint is perfect for growing on a windowsill, balcony space, or just straight in the ground. This perennial herb will come back each year to bless you with its sweet and fresh flavours. Just be sure to prune regularly, as cutting the leaves spurs more growth.

6. Parsley


Rich in vitamin C and iron, parsley has been on our plates for a very, very long time and is often utilised in sauces, meatballs, and stews. This is one versatile herb—and it’s good for you! Plant your seeds in moist, well-drained soil and give them partial shade. Be sure to provide your parsley plants with plenty of water and even a little seaweed fertiliser to really bolster their leaves.

7. Rosemary


Another commonly used herb for soups, stews, and salads, rosemary is also ideal for pairing with meat and fish, making it extremely versatile. But how does it fare in a garden or on a windowsill? Well, you'll be pleased to know that the answer is: very well. Give rosemary plenty of sunlight and some well-drained soil, and the hard work is basically done. All that's needed is a little pruning here and there to keep the plant looking neat and tidy, and you're good to go.

8. Basil


Synonymous with Italian cooking, basil is frequently used in dishes with tomatoes and pasta, and is also the main ingredient in pesto. This is one low-maintenance and easygoing plant that's perfect for newcomers and the experienced alike. Sow seeds in spring and provide the plant with well-drained soil and a shady position out of direct sunlight. Once ready, just trim the leaves you want to use and enjoy fresh basil flavours whenever you want. Buon appetito!

9. Cilantro


Whether you know it as cilantro or coriander, one thing's for sure, this aromatic herb is ideal for fragrant dishes such as Mexican and Indian food. By sprinkling a little cilantro on top, you can effortlessly enhance any dish. Whether grown indoors or out in the garden, cilantro performs best in well-drained soil. Sow seeds in the spring, and the leaves will be ready to harvest in summer. Just be sure to keep the soil damp but not waterlogged, and you simply can't go wrong!

10. Tarragon


Last on our list of easygoing herbs to grow, tarragon makes for the perfect growing project, no matter your surroundings. This herb offers an aniseed-like flavour that complements fish and chicken dishes flawlessly. Place your tarragon plants in a location with partial shade to full sun, and house them in well-drained soil. Give them a good watering when needed, but be sure not to overwater. Come summertime, you'll have a ton of tarragon to enjoy in plenty of dishes.

Difficult herbs to grow

While the herbs listed above cater to growers seeking an easygoing project, there are other herbs that are sure to test both skill and patience. Some tricky herbs to grow from seed include bay leaf, white sage, and lavender. These herbs are renowned for giving growers a hard time due to their finicky nature and/or precise growing methods. With little room for error, such herbs are better suited for those with a little more experience.

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