Stunning Time-lapse Video Of Underwater Coral Life
1 min

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of Underwater Coral Life

1 min
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If you enjoyed the ultra-macro pictures of corals shot by Daniel Stoupin, you will be blown away by his time-lapse movie of those same tiny marine organisms.

Daniel Stoupin took the challenge to capture the magical beauty of living corals on a fragile reef and the result is a jaw-dropping razor-sharp three and a half minutes movie that not only shows the beautiful colors, but also the vitality of those invertebrate organisms in incredible detail.

To get an idea of the effort put in creating the video, it should be mentioned that Stoupin shot a whopping 150,000 still-pictures for it. You'll probably ask yourself, why he took so many stills to create the movie, but the answer is simple (yet astounding): Each video frame in the clip consists of anywhere from 3 to 12 stills, each taken at a slightly variant focus to allow an expanded depth.

Not all his gear withstood the challenge, at an early stage his Canon EOS 7D digital SLR bit the dust and while processing that huge batch of 22-megapixel raw files one of his computers went to cyberheaven. It is hard to believe how much time Stoupin has put into this project: He actually spent nine months creating the video - and that means it took him around three months per minute of the final video. But the outcome surely proves the time put into it was well worth it - see for yourself!


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