Shamanic Dub For Elevated States of Mind: Kaminanda

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Shamanic Dub For Elevated States of Mind: Kaminanda

Looking for some awesome music to chill to, or some soul searching rhythms to guide your journey through the mind? We may have just what you are looking for.

Kaminanda is quickly making a name for himself in a genre that blurs boundaries with its melodic, tribal, yet downtempo beats. Hailing from the West Coast of the USA, Kaminanda’s music is an ever evolving symphony for the mind, and draws from such inspirations as Shpongle and other trippy audio landscapes.

Although described as shamanic dub, the mix of midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms, stimulating trip-hop, complex dub and lounge style downtempo undertones have something for everyone – no matter if you are a hardcore psy-trance/electronic music, or simply looking for something relaxing and melodic to listen to. It excellent music to dance to, have in the background when friends are over, or use as a focal point to steer your journey through the mind when tripping.

You can find a few examples of Kaminanda’s work below, taken from his Soundcloud page.