Psychedelic Documentary: Huicholes, The Last Peyote Guardians

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Psychedelic Documentary: Huicholes, The Last Peyote Guardians

The documentary tells the story of the Wixarika People and their struggle to preserve their psychedelic culture in a rapidly changing Mexico.

We enter the Wixárika world, accompanying the Ramírez - a typical family of the Sierra Madre region of Mexico. In the traditional pilgrimage to Wirikuta, held every year to honor their spiritual tradition, several things had been set in motion - all of which posed a serious threat to their sacred lands and traditions.

As the documentary progresses, we learn of the Mexican government's highly controversial plans to allow mining companies to explore and exploit the natural resources of Wirikuta, which (unsurprisingly enough) are met with both angst and outrage by the Wixarika people and their supporters. The implications of mining as seen through the eyes of the Wixarika, are the destruction and unbalance to a delicate and unique ecosystem.

With the power seemingly falling in the hands of the mining companies, it makes for an uneven and unethical fight; however, one that stimulates the complex global debate between ancestral cultural values, the exploitation of nature and the inevitable development of peoples.

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