Prescription Drugs Are Responsible For Most Deaths
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Prescription Drugs Are Responsible For Most Deaths

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Mainstream media would like you to believe that illegal drugs are forbidden because they’re dangerous. But the reality is that prescription drugs are killing each year more people than all illegal drugs together.

You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that illegal drugs cause the most deaths, but it is in fact prescription drugs that win this title - and they are fast on their way to becoming the number one cause of preventable deaths. In recent years, with Western society’s ever growing reliance on pharmaceuticals to get through the day, the amount of prescription-related deaths now outweighs those of illegal substances.

Prescription drugs: Four times deadlier than illegal drugs

A Study conducted in Florida found that 76% of all overdose related deaths in 2009 were caused by prescription drugs, and that the amount was four times larger than the amount of deaths caused by illegal drugs. It made unintentional poisoning the second leading cause of accidental death in the US after automobile incidents in 2009, and it is likely to have continued to rise. Not only were 76% of total overdoses because of prescription drugs, it was found that the rate at which people were overdosing on them grew by 84% between 2003 and 2009.

Pharmaceutical companies – The white collar drug dealers

The ‘War on Drugs’, that billion dollar crusade against illegal substances, is one big farce. It is a US led war that has focused on the use and trafficking of substances like marijuana, cocaine and heroin, whilst ignoring some of the most powerful drug dealers in the world – the pharmaceutical companies.

When it comes down to it, pharmaceuticals are out to make a profit, and many of them are strong supporters of the war on drugs. As has recently been revealed, pharmaceutical companies sponsor organizations involved fighting cannabis legalization. Of course, those companies are threatened by a plant that offers safe, cheap and natural alternative to their high-profit synthetic products.

A range of pharmaceutical prescription drugs are not actually different from the illegal drugs that you can find on the street. A great example is hydrocodone. This is a legally prescribed opiate used as a pain killer. It is a synthetic form of heroine whose effects are actually indistinguishable from real heroin by the brain and body. This means anyone suffering from an addiction to this prescription medicine is basically addicted to heroin. It is unfortunately something many fail to realize, but prescription medicines are often highly addictive and not any safer than many illegal drugs.

The cannabis threat

Cannabis in many ways represents everything that is wrong with the current drug system. There are many more plants and substances that are wrongly criminalized, but none represents the injustice better than cannabis. It is a highly medicinal plant - possibly the definite cure for cancer - and yet it is scheduled as a substances with no recognized medicinal value. The complete disregard for actual scientific data reveals what’s the true driver behind prohibition: money. The war on drugs doesn’t come out of the blue, instead, it is a vehicle that serves those in power. Not only does it allow for social control, it effectively protects the business of the pharmaceutical industry. Cheap and natural alternatives destroy profits, plus it makes people healthy. And healthy people don’t buy medicine. Ironically, the medicinal power of cannabis and many other plants is exactly the reason why they are prohibited.

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