Italian Army To Grow Weed
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Italian Army To Grow Weed

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How do you know when your country has an overwhelming demand for medical marijuana? When you have to call in the army to start growing it.

According to recent news, the Italian army is set to start overseeing the growth of medical marijuana and the production of cannabis and its medicines in order to meet the country’s ever growing needs for cannabis derived drugs. As things currently stand, any Italian resident looking to use cannabis related medication needs to go through a series of jumps, hoops, and a mountain of red tape in order to get their hands on it.

This is largely due the usual mix of poor legislation, politics and supply and demand issues. Medical marijuana was actually legalised in Italy during the early 90’s, but thanks to political opposition and the resulting bureaucracy, there is no one currently legally growing marijuana for medical purposes within the county’s boarders, and all marijuana related medicines have to be imported – leading a month’s worth of medication (such as Sativex) to cost €700!

The government is expected to make an announcement regarding the matter within the month. If things go ahead, a military pharmaceutical plant (yikes!) will begin the production of cannabis derived medication for the people of Italy. It should certainly sort out the insane cost for the state of supplying medical cannabis patients, as well as make it much more accessible for them.

According to the Italian Health Ministry, this is being done on the premise that it will not open the door to broader legalisation of cannabis – but we find that hard to believe. Although it is not going to make much of a difference to wider laws in the short term, the issue of marijuana legalisation WILL come up at some point, and at that point Italy will already have the state controlled ground work for the regulated growth and production of cannabis in place – which is sure to make things much easier.

Irrespective of the possible long-term future, what we can say for certain is that this development can only be a good thing. Yes, the prospect of military control of anything public health related is always scary, but the matter of the fact is, those who really need cannabis related products are soon going to find it much easier to get their hands on them.

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