High Efficiency Growing With Aeroponics
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High Efficiency Growing With Aeroponics

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An aeroponic cannabis grow offers experienced cultivators a very efficient way to produce their bud. Here is a brief introduction to this often overlooked system – it is well worth consideration.

When it comes to advanced growing methods, and cultivating cannabis without soil, it is often hydroponics that many will think of. However, a hydroponic grow is not the only advanced and efficient option open to the more advanced grower – there is also the lesser known aeroponic system.


Much like hydroponics, aeroponic is a method of growing plants without using soil as a growing medium. However, unlike hydroponics, instead of using something else, like water as a medium, aeroponics use nothing, simply suspending the roots in air. The roots are then misted with a nutrient water solution at regular intervals, ensuring the plant remains well fed.


The main draw of using an aeroponic system is that it can be even more efficient than a hydroponic system. The principal advantaged is the oxygenation of the roots, which greatly boots their growth. Besides, because of the fine mist used, the nutrients are absorbed much more efficiently, reducing the overall need for fertilizer.

Another major advantage is that it is much easier to set up an aeroponic system than a hydroponic one. You can get pretty much everything you need from your local DIY store when it comes to setting up an aeroponic system, but a hydroponic system often requires very specialized equipment.

There is also the fact that cannabis plants in an aeroponic system are much easier to transplant. As there is growing medium, there is no shock from being transplanted to another aero system. This can be a huge advantage for growers with large numbers of plants on the go – giving them much more flexibility.

An aeroponic grow can also be observed in its entirety without actually disturbing the plants. This can make it much easier to determine nutrient mixes, as well as identify and resolve any potential problems before they get out of hand.

While Aeroponic systems offer many benefits, they also come with drawbacks. For example, pH control has to be much more precise in an aeroponic system, as roots are much more vulnerable. As such, an aeroponic system should only really be considered by confident and advanced growers – despite the fact they are, in theory, much better.


It is not just in comparison to hydroponics that aeroponics shine through. There are many other advantages to be had.

One such example is a pretty major one – cannabis grown in an aeroponic system grows extremely fast. This is because roots not only uptake nutrients more efficiently, but also have a 24/7 supply of oxygen available. Not something that can be said for any other method of growing cannabis.

Another advantage is that due to the fact that nutrient absorption is much more efficient, much less water and nutrients are required. An aeroponic system is also much easier to maintain, requires little space, and offers the grower increased plant mobility. There is a lot to love!


Thanks to the egg heads at NASA, we now have access to high pressure aeroponics (HPA). HPA harnesses a high pressure system to create a very fine mist, which has a droplet size ranging between 30-80 microns in diameter. This allows water and nutrients to be absorbed by roots directly out of the air. Not only this, but the high pressure system also atomizes the nutrient solution, providing even further benefit. These two factors combined can cut water and nutrient requirements by 90%!

So as you can see, there are a lot of advantages to be had from this often overlooked or unheard of system. Sure, you need a very precise and confident hand, but for many veterans out there, the challenge is probably quite appealing! And once you have the technique down, you will be growing intense bud like never before!

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