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Foxtailing: Good or Bad?

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Foxtailing is the occurrence of large pillars of calyxes on cannabis flowers. If the cause is genetic, then there is nothing to worry about. If the cause is environmental however, your plants may be subject to excessive levels of stress.


Foxtailing is a phenomenon that drastically changes the physical appearance of cannabis flowers. Usually, healthy and “normal” cannabis flowers take on the form of a compact nugget. This sight is pleasing to the eye and therefore critical to those cultivators looking to boost the chances of selling their crop. Buds that start to foxtail look entirely different from this typical image, taking on the appearance of a large pillar or tower that is made up of buds and leaves layered on top of one another.

Normal cannabis buds are comprised of groups of calyxes. These structures are responsible for bearing the seeds of the plant if pollination takes place. When foxtailing occurs, calyxes begin to stack on top of each other instead of cluster together. This creates the appearance of a tall, brush-like structure that is not dissimilar to the tail of a fox. This is very different from the more symmetrical nature of most buds.

Although foxtailing looks quite strange and is different from the norm, it isn’t exactly negative. There are two primary factors that account for foxtailing. One of them is genetics. If a plant is genetically predisposed to form buds in a foxtailing fashion, then there is absolutely no cause for alarm. The second has to do with environmental stressors. This scenario is less ideal and usually occurs in strains that are not genetically predisposed to foxtailing.


Example Of Good Foxtailing

Foxtailing is only a negative occurrence in some circumstances. If the cause is a genetic one, then foxtailing should not be perceived as bad. In this instance, it is a perfectly natural process and isn’t an indication that the grower might be making a few mistakes. Genetic foxtailing does cause plants to display a rather unique structure, but it doesn’t detract from the quality and potency of a crop. The strain Dr. Grinspoon is a good example of a genetic that causes natural foxtailing. In this case, the appearance is so distorted that it looks as though it belongs to a different species entirely.


Example Of Bad Foxtailing

Negative foxtailing occurs when the process isn’t native to the strain. This can be caused by multiple external factors, namely heat and light stress. If a grower has strong lights positioned too close to the top of their plants, it may expose the crop to an undue amounts of stress that causes the physical structure to change. The excessive light and heat received by plants is a cause of unnatural foxtailing that will encourage large and dense growth. These towers may look pleasing to the eye and it may almost seem as if foxtailing has caused larger yields; however, this plant matter will have lost potency and will continue to do so unless something is done to remedy the situation.

Light and heat stress can further damage plants in the form of the bleaching and burning of leaves. To prevent these symptoms from manifesting, be sure to monitor the flowers closest to the top of your plants and make adjustments to the distance of the light source accordingly.


Now that we’ve shed some light on what foxtailing is, you have every reason to move forward with confidence. Indeed, certain strains are genetically predisposed to foxtailing, giving them a unique bud structure without sacrificing quality. In partnership with the best seedbanks out there, Zamnesia seeds offers high-quality foxtailing genetics. Without further ado, here are 5 of our most mind-blowingly intoxicating strains to ever be graced by vivid foxtails.


Super Silver Bilbo (Genehtik Seeds)

Bilbo Baggins was the heroic hobbit created by J.R.R. Tolkien. While ambiguous references to "weed" and "old Toby" in his writings were disappointingly connected to tobacco, a lot of stoners relate to Middle Earth. The award-winning indica-dominant hybrid Critical Bilbo was named in Bilbo Baggins' honour.

Combining this strain with Super Silver Haze led Genehtik Seeds to introduce Super Silver Bilbo. This sativa-dominant hybrid produces plentiful buds with the best qualities of both indica and sativa. The resinous buds will burn with that Haze smell of incense, and will release a very strong cerebral high. Try the 2005 Bio Champion (Highlife Cup Barcelona 2005) for yourself!


Maxi Haze (Grass-O-Matic)

Grass-O-Matic and experimentation simply go hand in hand. Maxi Haze is a strain they produced from combining Super Silver Haze and Auto AK. Each of those produces a shimmering body high. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the high from Maxi Haze is profoundly powerful to boot. The taste of its Haze lineage will water the mouth as always.

Plants yield dense foxtails and thick buds packed with trichome crystals. This foreshadows the strain’s whopping THC levels. The qualities of indica and sativa combine to bring a relaxing high to both the head and body. Naturally, it has great medical potential for relieving physical pain and tension, as well as conditions like anxiety, making it a popular choice for those specifically looking for medical cannabis seeds


Snow White (Spliff Seeds)

Spliff Seeds are offering a knockout indica-dominant hybrid with Snow White. The name evoking a whiter shade of white than its genetic parent White Widow is something of a bold statement. White Widow is a notoriously strong strain, yet its effects seem boosted by cross-breeding with Northern Lights and Cinderella 99.

The euphoric high it brings will banish pain and depression. This is strong medicine we are talking about here, and a stable plant for producing a vigorous crop within 8-9 weeks. Lime green foxtails with thick, orange hairs exude the potent woody tones of Snow White's citrus scent. A sweet, candy-like taste accompanies the high that will floor even experienced smokers.


Flowerbomb Kush (Strain Hunters)

Winning first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup is no small feat. In 2012, the amazing Flowerbomb Kush triumphed over the competition. Cannabis contests are only more competitive these days. So many breeders around the world have produced knockout strains from investing in high-quality genetics.

In 2012, none of the craft cultivators matched the iconic Amsterdam seedbank Strain Hunters. Their indica-dominant hybrid Flowerbomb Kush owes lineage to both OG Kush and Green Crack. Either of those strains by themselves would be powerful. Flowerbomb Kush is a dazzling combination, producing indoor yields within two months. These hairy, sticky buds will burn with a sweet aroma of citrus and earthy undertones.


Cotton Candy (Delicious Seeds)

The sativas of Southern Africa can grow quite tall and bountiful. Delicious Seeds has found South Africa's Power Plant to be particularly good for impressive THC levels. By cross-breeding with Lavender, they have produced a sweet-smelling sativa-dominant hybrid with striking shades of purple.

Such a wonderful plant continues to confound expectations. The taste is reminiscent of the popular carnival snack after which it is named. Yet, hints of mint, pine, and citrus can also be found in its fragrance. The body high induced by this strain is mild and uplifting. It is a treat to smoke at any time of the day.


Written by: Zamnesia
Zamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content.

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