EHLE Glass Bongs - Masters Of Glassware
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EHLE Glass Bongs - Masters Of Glassware

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EHLE is a renowned German company crafting premium-quality glassware since 1949. Initially producing laboratory equipment, EHLE has shifted its focus to creating exquisite glass pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and accessories, which are highly sought after in the cannabis community. Read on to find out what's so special about EHLE and its products.

As a company steeped in rich history, EHLE has been producing some of the finest glassware since 1949. Well-known amongst the cannabis community for its bongs, dab rigs, and huge variety of glass accessories, EHLE offers reliability, functionality, and style in equal measure. What else would you expect from premium-quality German manufacturing? But how do they do it? What's the story behind EHLE? Here we take a look at everything you need to know about these glass masters and their offerings.

Who are EHLE?

Who Are EHLE?

Originally founded in Germany in 1949 under the company name Günther Ehle Glasinstrumenten-fabrik (Günther Ehle Glass Instrument Factory), this family business has been a labour of love for three generations, and since 1988 has been run by Thomas Ehle, who heads the entire operation with the help of a closely knit, well-trained, and experienced team, from glassblowers to sales representatives.

While EHLE started out producing products for laboratories, such as beakers, flasks, and test tubes, they found greater mainstream success with the creation of their glass pipes. These were first made by converting some of the original laboratory-specific glassware into fully fledged smoking devices. Genius.

However, it wasn't long before the greater cannabis community began to notice EHLE's exquisite glassware. Thanks to their incredible, varied designs, premium quality, and high level of customer service, they are now highly sought after.

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How EHLE makes bongs

How EHLE Makes Bongs

So, how does EHLE go about creating its world-renowned glassware? Well, it all begins with its high-quality glass. They opt to use borosilicate glass 3.3, which is the industry standard for the aforementioned laboratory equipment. Borosilicate glass is robust, resilient, and easy to clean, making it a great choice for constructing glassware. It's also a pliable and workable material that yields fantastic results.

Each bong begins with the construction of the mouthpiece, with the ground joint being attached a little later on. The main raw material is heated and then blown out to the appropriate shape and size. The completed parts are then heated, attached, and sealed. Of course, this is the typical routine for a basic bong, but EHLE is known to offer some more elaborate designs that incorporate other techniques, such as “wig-wags” (intricate coloured patterns). Although the painstaking process takes plenty of precision and great care, EHLE bongs are typically crafted with great efficiency—what else would you expect from a company that's been in the game for this long? However, unusually shaped bongs that resemble characters, for example, can take several days to create from start to finish.

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EHLE products at Zamnesia

EHLE Products At Zamnesia

As you can tell, the team at EHLE takes great pride in their work, and this is evident in the staggering array of products that they offer. From regular bongs to limited-edition ornate pieces, dab rigs, grinders, and plenty of other cannabis-friendly accessories, there's plenty to love about EHLE’s product range. We've picked out three pieces from the Zamnesia store that give you an example of precisely what EHLE is capable of.

Glass Spoon Pipe (EHLE)

This pocket-sized piece provides the perfect example of EHLE's premium quality. Measuring just 10cm, the Glass Spoon Pipe makes for easy hits on the move or at home. It's low-key but sleek and stylish in its design, available in a wide range of eye-pleasing colours, and even features a carb hole for extra control during your smoking sessions. Simply load the bowl with your favourite ground herb, heat, and enjoy. As a massively popular EHLE product, perhaps it's time you got to know this robust pipe for yourself.

Glass Bubbler Small (EHLE)

The Small Glass Bubbler is the go-to bong for many cannabis connoisseurs. Suitable for use on the go or for low-key sessions at home, this piece is truly “small but mighty”. Measuring just 17cm tall with a 4cm neck, the bubbler sits comfortably in your hands and is ideal for a casual smoke whenever the moment strikes. The bubbler also features the EHLE logo on the neck as the premium-quality stamp of approval. Just add a little water to the chamber and some of your favourite strains to the bowl, light, and take a pull from the mouthpiece. Moreover, the bowl can be replaced with any 12.5mm banger, so fans of resin and concentrates can turn this into a versatile dab rig, too.

Woodstock Beaker Bong (EHLE)

Last but by no means least is the Woodstock Beaker Bong. This intricate and ornate pipe embodies hippie culture and features plenty of psychedelic patterns and colours. Standing at 43cm with a base diameter of 55mm, the Woodstock Beaker Bong deserves pride of place in any room and is the perfect centrepiece of any social smoking session. The sturdy 5mm borosilicate glass means you don't need to worry about who's using it, as it can effortlessly withstand a knock or two. Make every session a throwback to the psychedelic 60s, and marvel at the detail that EHLE has put into this masterpiece.

The future of EHLE

The Future Of EHLE

The future is bright for EHLE. They are a company that recognises their heritage and stays true to tried and tested products, but also aren’t afraid to push the envelope by creating more ornate, limited-edition, and premium-quality pieces. EHLE has even branched out into collaborative projects, such as exclusive products with 27 Glassworks, Jerome Baker, and Purize, to name just a few. Here at Zamnesia, we've got something extraordinary in store with EHLE that we'll share with you very soon. In the meantime, if you want to get your hands on some of their unique pieces, head to the Zamnesia store and get your pick of EHLE products today.

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