Breaking: Chile Removes Cannabis From List Of Hard Drugs

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Breaking: Chile Removes Cannabis From List Of Hard Drugs

Good news everyone! President Michelle Bachelet of Chile has formally signed a decree removing cannabis from the country’s list of hard drugs!

The news has been widely hailed as a great step forward in the fight to end cannabis prohibition, and a landmark for the Chile’s drug policy. Under the new law, cannabis will no longer be considered to lie within the worst bracket of drugs, and medicines containing cannabis derivatives are now legal to sell.

Although the documents in question are yet to be released (at the time of writing), media within the country was able to obtain a copy of the announcement before it was announced.

While this news is certainly great to hear, the fight is not yet over in Chile. As things still stand, it is still illegal to cultivate, sell or transport cannabis – with such “crimes” carrying a prison sentence of between 5 to 10 years. What is important, though, is that this change in how cannabis is classed will open up the way for a great deal more cannabis research within the country, and create potential avenues of treatment for people looking to control various ailments.

The move has also further opened up the debate about legal cannabis within Chile, with Congress set to discuss the legality of the drug, for both personal and medical use. A municipality within Chile has already legalised the medical use of cannabis within its borders as part of a government-backed scheme.

It would appear that a cornerstone has been pulled out of the wall of prohibition, and it is now slowly crumbling to ruin within the country. It may not be long before Chile is once again back in the headlines for its progressive take on cannabis!