AYA2014: World Ayahuasca Conference in Ibiza
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Aya2014: World Ayahuasca Conference In Ibiza

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Bringing together shamans, researches and ethnobotanists, the first global Ayahuasca conference offers a platform to share knowledge and evolve with the expanding ayahuasca use.

Ayahuasca hasn’t been known for very long in Europe and the US, but within the last few years it has gained tremendous momentum. Heralding from the depths of the South American jungles, Ayahuasca ceremonies are popping seemingly everywhere. Pop stars like Sting and Tori Amos are publicly endorsing it, but ayahuasca isn’t the kind of tea that attracts thrill seekers. Quite the opposite - ayahuasca is a highly therapeutic experience, one that isn’t necessarily catering to hedonistic aspirations.

The interest and use of Ayahuasca outside the traditional jungle setting has given rise to many developments: Scientific research into its effects is picking up and the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca is starting to be understood, but at the same time legal, ethical and sustainability challenges need to be addressed. This is what the first ever World Ayahuasca Conference wants to tackle - taking place in the beautiful Spanish island Ibiza, AYA2014 aims to be a multidisciplinary event that brings together leading scientists, legal experts, practitioners, environmentalists and other experts involved in the ayahuasca field.

Among the confirmed speakers are heavy weights such as Dennis McKenna, Jonathan Ott, Dr. Gabor Mate and Sia Kaxinawa - the chief of the Kaxinawa tribe of Brazil. The program is wrapped in four tracks: The primary track, the academic track, the community track, and the legal track. Each track houses speeches and discussion about their particular field, ranging from indigenous use all the way up to the legal status of ayahuasca.

The three day program will feature speeches, workshops, debates, social events and a film forum that will be screening a fine selection of over 20 documentaries that deal with various matters in the ayahuasca field. The events will take place in Ibiza from September 25th to 27th, for more information please visit

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