A Visual Journey Into Psychedelic Realms
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A Visual Journey Into Psychedelic Realms

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Psychedelic eye candy at its best - a selection of otherworldly animations exploring entheogenic dimensions.


A visually stunning video takes you on a voyage through the mind of a drug overdosed girl.

Sea of Dreams

A calm and meditative exploration of DMT spaces. This video is a collaboration between the visionary artists Luke Brown and Keerych Luminokaya.

Lion Heart

Based on Android Jones‘ visionary art, Lionheart explores space from the depth of your being to the far reaches of the universe.

Calling The Other

A very relaxing video made to complement the musical work of Dréa Drury. Mediative and spacious.

Within The Mystery

The music video for a track of the psytrance band „DMT“ - colourful, archaic and wild.

A Visual Journey for Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity by DiDi Rengin & Zerdesh

A visual journey through nature, fractals, and insects - inspired and created for Ground Luminosity by Entheogenic.

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