5 Fun Drinks To Have When Stoned
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5 Fun Drinks To Have When Stoned

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Not only do drinks combat the dryness of cotton mouth, but they're also twice as tasty when stoned. Here are five fun drinks to have when stoned.

Any cannabis user knows that having a drink on hand is entirely necessary. Not only do drinks combat the dryness of cotton mouth, but they're also twice as tasty when stoned. From health nuts to soda lovers, there's a beverage for every preference. In fact, some may even boost your high. Here are five fun drinks to have when stoned.


Also known as "boba," bubble tea is perhaps the most fun to drink while you are high. It's a Taiwanese iced tea that includes delicious tapioca balls at the bottom. In fact, the balls are what makes the drink so enjoyable. Aside from being soft, they are as chewy as a gummy worm.

Identically, the huge straw that comes with bubble tea makes it fun to drink. Being that the boba (tapioca balls) is the same size as marbles, you need to drink it with an oversized straw. Specifically, a 13mm-diameter straw. The fun begins with the very first sip as the taste hits your tongue. All of a sudden, you feel the boba pop into your mouth. And finally, you get to burst them open and chew them up.

To top it off, you can customize your bubble tea based on what you like. Typically, bubble tea shops provide a good variety of specific ingredients. However, there are four essential ingredients in bubble tea: milk, tea, boba, and flavor. Of course, you don't have to choose your own; there's always the premade option. Nevertheless, bubble tea is a must-have when stoned.


If you've never paired your joint with a cup of coffee, you have no idea what you're missing. As a matter of fact, coffee and cannabis go together like ham and cheese. Though some believe it increases your high, it doesn't. But it does create a marvellous and unique taste.

In addition to having a smoke while drinking coffee separately, there's the option of combining the two. Indeed, there's such a thing as cannabis-infused coffee, and you can make it right from home. To make your very own, you can use the following :

Creamer or Milk (optional)

Sugar (optional)

One pot of freshly-brewed coffee

Two pinches of ground cinnamon

Two pinches of ground nutmeg

Four teaspoons finely-powdered straight Arabian mocha

One good pinch of pulverized hash


First, brew the coffee how you prefer. You can use a regular coffee pot or a fancy, high-tech one. Second, mix all of the ingredients above together. To point out, you can adjust the amount of hash that you mix based on how strong or weak you want your coffee. Next, pour the mixture into a Turkish coffee pot (or one like it) and put it over a low flame until it starts to boil. Once you start seeing bubbles, move it away from the heat. Finally, add your desired amount of milk and sugar.

Though we don't necessarily recommend attempting to make your own while high, it could be pretty fun. Nevertheless, being caffeinated and medicated always makes for a good time.


Who doesn't love a healthy smoothie while they're high? Not only is it a healthier option, but the texture is also amazing. Not to mention, there are so many options when it comes to ingredients. In fact, there are some that can even boost your high.

In particular, are mangoes. Many individuals report feeling more intense euphoria when they ingest them and then smoke. With that said, medical patients suffering from pain could especially benefit from adding mangos into their smoothies. It is important to realize the metabolism of each person varies, so some may need to eat more than others. For example, if you have a fast metabolism, you would need to eat more than someone who has a slower one.

In general, smoothies that include healthy fruits also contain vitamins. With this in mind, you're less likely to get sick when you fill your body up with the good stuff. Getting sick is no fun, as we all know. So why not indulge in a healthy drink to make your high more fun?


Whenever I'm high, I always enjoy a wild cherry Pepsi. It combines cherry flavors with the classic taste of Pepsi, all of which create one tasty treat. Sure, it's not the healthiest option, but no one says you have to drink it all the time.

What's so fun about a wild cherry Pepsi? Well, it's just delightful. Though it doesn't come with fun little bubbles at the bottom, nor does it have a pleasant texture, it soothes your soul. And it's far from boring, unlike a glass of water. Don't get me wrong; water is excellent for you and all, but everyone needs a little sugar in their life. However, too much sugar is never a good thing, so be mindful.


Slushies provide endless fun when you're high. You can mix loads of crazy flavours to create your masterpiece. From raspberry to cherry, and Cola to Sprite, the possibilities are also endless with this option. And that's only half the fun.

What also makes a slushie fun to drink is the fact that you can get creative. That's right; slushie making can be considered an art in itself. How else do you think companies create beverages? By putting their thinking caps on and throwing together ingredients, they set up their work of art. However, if you could care a less about that creative stuff, there's always the single-flavour option.


All in all, any beverage can be fun to have when stoned. After all, just about anything is better with weed. Whether you prefer a drink served cold, hot, flavourful, or dull, it's all about the experience. Most importantly, it's about what meets your needs and wants. Not everyone is the same, so what's fun for one may not be fun for the other.

Cannabis itself is great, but it does give you dry mouth from time to time. However, it's entirely manageable with the help of your beverage of choice. Personally, I think the five above are the best of the best. Even if you don't get dry mouth often, pairing these beverages with some good bud can make your experience that much better.


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