3 Ways To Clean Filthy Pipes & Bongs

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3 Ways To Clean Filthy Pipes & Bongs

You go to take a hit on your bong, but you find it is harder to draw than usual and is laced with a grim taste. Chances are you bong is clogged up and dirty, and in need of a clean!

A dirty pipe or bong does nothing but make you look like a waster. It is a question of etiquette and hygiene, there is no reason to ever let things get so bad. Other than the fact it makes the smoking experience worse, do you really think your friends want to use an old crusty bong when they come around for a session? A dirty bong or pipe is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria, and it taints the enjoyment of everyone involved.

Fortunately cleaning a bong or pipe is easy and only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, while it is great to clean them as much as possible, you only really need to do it once a week or so to keep things serviceable and fresh.

Here are three ways to go about it:


If your bong or pipe is unlikely to cave in or melt under the heat of boiling water, then running some through can be a great way to dislodge and sterilize it all. If you clean regularly, then this is a good day to day method to maintain a high level of cleanliness – ensuring things never get bad enough to have to take more drastic measure. However, if your bong or pipe is caked in grime and filth, then you may need something a bit more extreme.


To take your cleaning to the next level, you can use a combination of alcohol and Epsom salt. The way to do this is to first take your bong or pipe apart and run water through it to dislodge any easy to move grime. You then want to pour a little bit of Epsom salt into the pieces – usually around ½ cup does an entire bong.

Next you need to pour in your alcohol. Some people use rubbing alcohol, but this can be quite full on. Alcohol based mouthwashes, like old-school Listerine, can be a good alternative, and leave it all smelling fresh. Other prefer to use things like vinegar. Whatever you choose, you are probably going to want around ½ a cup, but it will depend on the size of your bong – pipes will obviously need a lot less.

Cover any opening and shake vigorously for a few minutes. Then all you need to do is rinse it all out under a tap! If your bong or pipe is super caked in old resin and dirt, then you may need to repeat the process, but once is usually enough. You can also use things like q-tips and pipe cleaners to get to the more stubborn, hard to reach areas.


At times the free market can be quite amazing, there are specialised products for pretty much everything you can image, including cleaning your smoking equipment. While not essential, they can certainly make things faster and easier – without all the shaking and hassle. Just make sure you choose something that is safe, as there are a lot of dodgy brands out there full of chemicals you don’t really want going in your bong. We have a few great options you can check out here.

So remember, keep your bong clean! Don’t fall into the stereotype of a lazy stoner – No one likes smoking from dirty utensils!