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How To Deep Clean Your Filthy Bong Or Pipe

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A clean bong makes for a better smoking experience all around, but a dirty bong ruins it and doesn't get you high nearly as quick.

Unfortunately, the more you rip your favourite bong, the dirtier it gets. Once your bong becomes loaded with resin and your bowl gets overly coated with ash and tar, the natural flavours and aromas of cannabis diminish. Consequently, the smoke then starts to taste and smell just like a dirty bong. Not to mention, it burns going in.

Cleaning your bong on a regular basis is a must if you want to keep the tasty, smooth hits a comin’. Usually, every two days is recommended; but sometimes, life happens and cannabis consumers have to skip out on cleaning their bong. Other times, they might not feel like putting forth the effort to get it back to its good-as-new state. In either case, a deep clean is necessary to get it spick and span.


If the deep cleaning process sounds like a pain in the neck, then you can avoid it altogether if you take proper care of your bong moving forward. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to do this. There's the option of emptying out and rinsing your device after each session. Doing so will keep your bong clean for future use.

For hard water stains, try pouring vinegar or hot water and lemon juice into the bong and swish it around for 1–2 minutes. To take it a step further, let the vinegar or hot water and lemon juice soak in the bottom for a couple of minutes after swishing. Then, rinse with hot water and allow it to air-dry.

While you smoke, you can also add two drops of lemon juice to the bong water. Lemon juice prevents buildup and kills the smell to boot. Don't go overboard, though. Stick to two drops only. Otherwise, it may interfere with the flavour and aroma of your chosen herb.

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Besides taking in fresh, smooth rips, you need to clean your bong to get the most out of your weed. When a bong's bowl gets clogged, you don't know it until you've already set your bud ablaze. Because a clogged bowl prevents airflow, you wind up wasting your hit. But when it's clear, you get the full rip.

Another prime reason to clean your bong is to avoid getting sick. Again, dirty smoke is harsh on the lungs, so when you're steadily breathing it in, you're only messing with your respiratory system, putting you at risk for bronchitis, emphysema, and other pulmonary issues.

Believe it or not, you also don't get high as fast from a dirty bong. With a fresh and clean bong, you get all the green; with a filthy bong, you mostly get the leftovers, which consist of unsavoury residue.

A dead giveaway to a dirty device is buildup. If it looks dirty, meaning there are blackish-brown specks on its walls and the water is discoloured, then that says it's time to give it a good scrub down. Also, note the smell. If it reeks, then you've got yourself an untidy bong.



If you have ever tried to deep-clean a pipe, you know how fiddly they can be. Unlike a bong, which is usually larger and therefore easier to sanitise, pipes require a slightly different approach. Rather than pour the cleaning fluid through the pipe, we have to leave the entire unit to soak. In doing so, we can remove those areas of buildup that are nearly impossible to reach with a brush or pipe cleaner.

Set up a container large enough to submerge your pipe, and fill it with the same cleaning solution you would use for a bong. After soaking for 5–10 minutes, rinse several times with hot water before air drying. Not only will your weed taste better, but your pipe will be good as new!


For a deeper cleaning with less work, selecting a product made to get your bong sparkly and shiny is a nice alternative to cleaning the old-fashioned way. Zamnesia has not one, but five cleaners that do exceptional work. Sure, they might cost a little extra, but your bong and lungs will thank you.

1. Bong Master Cleaner

Bong Master Cleaner can get your device clean in just five minutes. All you have to do is scoop up one to two teaspoons, dump it into the bong, and then fill it up with hot water. After five minutes, rinse with hot water and you're golden! No shakes or scrubbing required! Each container of Bong Master Cleaner contains 150 grams. That's plenty to get you through a multitude of cleanses.


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2. Pipe Cleaner Concentrate

Having a 100% stain-free bong is possible thanks to Kulu pipe cleaner concentrate. You can safely use it on not only your bong, but also pipes and other devices made of glass, plastic, aluminum, and more. It's non-toxic, contains no alcohol or solvents, and it's easy to use. Use it on your dirtiest bong and watch the magic happen. Contains 500ml.


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3. Pow! Pow! Cleaner

Pow! Pow! Cleaner is yet another product that makes bong-cleaning a breeze. You merely add it to warm water, load the mix into your bong, and let it soak before giving your apparatus a thorough rinse. Just like that, you're back to enjoying clean and tasty smoking experiences. Contains 15 grams.


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4. Black Leaf Pipe Cleaners (20 pcs)

Black Leaf pipe cleaners, 30cm long, let you access the areas of your bong that are typically unreachable. They're especially useful in cleaning the downstem. Each pipe cleaner features woven wire bristles, which are champs at tackling stubborn, sticky resin.


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5. Resolution Cleaning Caps

Remember those plugs we mentioned above? These Resolution Cleaning Caps are it. These plugs aren't just ideal for cleaning, but also for travelling with your device, as they lock-in the smell and prevent spills. When using Resolution Cleaning Caps for cleaning, pour in your cleaning solution of choice, then place the caps over the openings of your bong. Afterwards, shake away; before long, you'll have a bong that looks the same as it did fresh off the shelf. That's all there is to it.


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