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The SCROG Method

Screen of green

SCROG stands for Screen of Green. It is used by growers with access only to a very small space and yet still want to achieve a reasonable harvest.

SCROG is like a SOG (Sea of Green), except that fewer plants are used and by means of a screen the space is filled with a SOG of heavy, high buds. Hence its name, SCROG (Screen of Green).

More about SCROG vs SOG

How was SCROG developed?

SCROGs were originally developed in order to wring the maximum yield out of a grow using fluorescent lights. These growers hung the ceiling of their grow room with as many fluorescent lamps as they could fit in and just waiting to see what would happen. Now the method has been taken over by growers using HPS lamps and this SCROG method has been taken to a new level.


The Screen: most practical with 5 cm. wide mesh. 8 pieces of wood: 4 for the framework and 4 for the legs of this frame. Fasteners, such as brackets, nails/screws, rivets and U-nails.

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