How Cannabis Can Help Treat The Five Causes Of Fatigue

How Cannabis Can Help Treat The Five Causes Of Fatigue

Contrary to common belief, fatigue isn’t just being sleepy—fatigue is a medical symptom that can result from a variety of causes. Many of us at different points in our lives will experience fatigue. Fatigue can be described in several ways; some view it as feeling tired all the time, as lacking the energy to deal with everyday life, or as lacking in motivation.

Since fatigue can be triggered by a few different conditions, it’s essential to understand the causes in order to properly treat it.


Fatigue can be caused by several underlying conditions. First, and most simply, fatigue can be caused by lack of sleep. If you’re feeling chronically fatigued, and you’re getting less than 8 hours of sleep at night, this is probably your culprit.

Lack of appetite can also cause fatigue: if your body isn’t being given enough fuel for what you’re asking it to do, it’ll cause you to become fatigued in an attempt to get you to conserve your energy.

Depression can also cause fatigue. Most forms of depression consist of fatigue combined with low motivation, low affect, self-loathing, and feelings of hopelessness. Some forms of depression also include changes in appetite and sleep, which can further compound problems with fatigue.

Stress is another common culprit. When an individual is stressed, their hormones jump through the roof, giving a temporary and often unpleasant “high”. When this wears off, the individual often feels worn out or drained, as though they’ve run an emotional marathon. Chronically stressed people may oscillate between states of hyperarousal and worn-out fatigue.

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The final cause of fatigue we’ll be discussing is chronic pain. Chronic pain acts as a constant drain on the body and mind, sapping physical and psychic energy that would otherwise go towards more productive things. Chronic pain can also cause disruptions in sleep and appetite, worsening the problem.


Once you’ve identified what may be causing your specific form of fatigue, you’ll be in a better position to address the problem. We’ll go through them one by one, and discuss how cannabis can be a useful remedy in each case.



If you’re struggling with insomnia and feeling fatigued as a result, you may want to consider using an indica strain to help you get some shut-eye. When it comes to falling asleep, a heavy indica can be just what the doctor ordered, allowing you to spend the night rejuvenating so you can face the new day refreshed.

If you’re looking for a strain to knock you out, consider going with Purple Punch. This classic strain is a powerful indica-dominant variety and also contains myrcene, a terpene with known sleep-inducing properties. Another great option is OG Kush, a celebrated indica-dominant strain that is ideal for helping users unwind.

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If you’re prone to waking up in the middle of the night, consider consuming an edible a couple hours before bed. Edibles can last up to 11 hours, providing a relaxing, long-lasting high that should get you through the night.



If you’re experiencing fatigue because you’re not eating enough, consider taking a munchies-inducing strain. One good option is Northern Lights, known for her relaxing, uplifting high and powerful appetite-stimulating effects. Another good option is Critical Kush, which combines a powerful high with a massive munchies effect.

When it comes to treating low appetite, good old-fashioned smoking is often the way to go.



When fighting depression of a fatigue-oriented nature, there’s no topping Jack Herer. Jack provides an uplifting and energising high that counters the symptoms of depression almost point-for-point. She also contains limonene and pinene, terpenes known to help have positive effects.

Another great option is Cannatonic, a strain that produces an uplifting, relaxing high, but also tends to be less anxiety-producing than most sativas. Cannabis is not a solution to depression, but these strains may help with the fatigue associated with it.



Indica-dominant strains tend to be used for treating stress. White Widow, with her cerebral, relaxing high, is one such option. She can be used to ease daytime stress as she tends to impact productivity less than other indica-dominant strains.

If you want something even more productivity-preserving, or you’re really wild about sativas, consider Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel produces a rare kind of high—happy, energising, and euphoric, but still calming and relaxing. This strain won’t induce the same level of paranoia as most sativas. If you’re looking for a sativa to quell your anxiety, Sour Diesel is the way to go.

When using cannabis to treat stress, vaping is a good option. It allows for a smooth, calm intake, which is well in line with addressing stress.



There are few things worse than chronic pain. Fortunately, cannabis can go far in alleviating symptoms of this condition. One of the best strains for treating chronic pain is Blue Dream. Blue Dream hits with a powerful, cerebral, sativa-type high, which fades into a relaxing indica stone, killing pain all along the way.

AK-47 is also celebrated for her painkilling effects. This highly potent strain packs a powerful and beloved high, known to stomp out a variety of types of pain.

When treating chronic pain, edibles are often a good choice as they allow for precise and heavy dosing. If the pain is related to any kind of pulmonary issue, smoking could irritate the condition and is definitely not recommended.


If the study of fatigue demonstrates anything, it’s that cannabis is far more diverse as a remedy than most people suspect. Cannabis can help treat insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, stress, chronic pain, and the fatigue that these conditions cause. It’s all about picking the right strain and using it in the way that best suits your particular problem.

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