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Caterpillars on cannabis plant


A caterpillar is the larva of a butterfly. Caterpillars are generally inconspicuous creatures, yet some species play a large role in human affairs and are very well known, examples being the silkworm (the caterpillar of the silk moth) Growth caterpillarand the oak processionary moth (Thaumethopea processionea, a pest that attacks oak trees).

Caterpillars are also an important element in ecosystems; not only do they remove a huge volume of plant material, they are also prey for a wide diversity of animals, from birds to parasite wasps.

Caterpillars are quick growers that get through a huge amount of food. They have a characteristic body construction that bears little resemblanccaterpillar e to the larvae of any other insect orders. Caterpillars have many ingenious techniques for evading the clutches of predators, and some of these can be a hassle for humans too (and for our beloved plants).

Nibbled leafDamage report

Curled leaves, or leaves with nibbled holes. Feeding damage by caterpillars mostly occurs in late summer and autumn, but in recent years caterpillar infestations have been striking more and more in the beginning of the growing season.


There is a range of methods and products for dealing effectively with caterpillars. Caterpillars tend to curl themselves up in the leaf. Bacillus thuringiensisWith a single caterpillar this can easily be dealt with by removing it by hand. But if you have a real infestation then you can use the Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria to attack the caterpillars with. This bacterium interferes with the absorption of food by the caterpillar thanks to which is stops feeding itself and dies.Smoking caterpillar

Decis: spray when the temperature is above 15° Celsius and when no rain is expected for the next six hours, and by preference when there’s no wind. Completely soak the plants from above to below. Do an inspection after 10 days. If there are still living caterpillars, redo the treatment. Product: Decis (not to be confused with Confidor ) 10ml/15 litres water.


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