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What Are Drug Tests Looking For?

There are 3 common types of drug tests used. These are: the Standard 5 Panel Drug Test (we have it here!), the Extended Drug Test, and Additional Testables.

Basic tests such as the 5 Panel test, are the most common form and screen for the most „popular“ illegal substances. These are:

1. Cannabinoids (found in cannabis substances)
2. Cocaine
3. Amphetamines (including but not exclusive to speed, MDMA and meth)
4. Opiates (including but not exclusive to heroine, opium, morphine and codeine)
5. PCP

In some circumstances the tester will want to be very thorough, for example when testing athletes. In this situation an Expanded Drug Test will be used. This test searches for all of the drugs in the standard test in addition to the following:

1. Ethanol (including but not exclusive to alcoholic drinks and ethyl alcohol)
2. Hallucinogens
3. Barbiturates
4. Benzodiazepines (including but not exclusive to tranquilisers such as valium and librium)
5. Anabolic steroids (muscle building hormones)
6. Inhalants (including but not exclusive to solvents, paints etc.)

Additional testable’s are very rarely looked for and tend to be rare and very specific in nature. These will usually look for the following:

1. LSD
2. Tryptamines
3. Phenethylamines
4. Inhalants

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