What You Need To Know Before Facing A Drug Test
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What You Need To Know Before Facing A Drug Test

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Facing a drug test is always a harrowing experience. But what are the ways you can reliably beat the box? Are there products that actually work? The answer is yes. Here are a few suggestions.

Drug screenings are a tenet of professional life just about everywhere in the United States. Employees in other countries also face drug tests, particularly if they work in the transportation industry, for the government, or if they are a professional athlete. However, these tests are not widespread throughout private industries. In the U.S. however, drug testing is still ubiquitous. An employer can fire you for drug-related reasons on the spot. Civil rights and labour laws do not protect you.

No matter when you are faced with a drug test, it can be nerve wracking. No matter where you are located, you should know what to expect from the screening.



Drug testing is commonplace enough that most people have heard about it. But what is it really? Are all drug tests the same?

Commercially used drug tests today test for a number of drugs, not just cannabis. These include cocaine, heroin, alcohol, amphetamines, and PCP.

Drug tests can analyse breath, blood, urine, hair, sweat, and saliva. For ease of analysis and cost, most workplaces rely on urine tests.

What drug tests look for are drug metabolites. In other words, traces of drugs that are still in the body. Technically, any drug can be tested for in any bodily fluid or excretion. This is also true of hair and toenails. In all practicality, a urine test usually fits the bill. As the testee, you are not likely to have any say in the matter.

In addition, the threat is very different if you use are a medical cannabis user. Patients need to take far more extreme precautions. In fact, most patients who face drug tests often just swap out their urine.

Since most drug tests are announced, users have a little time to prepare. Remember, most employee-related drug tests are also targeted at cannabis users.

But Why?

Unlike cocaine and heroin, which leave the system in 1-4 days, cannabis is detectable in the body for up to 11 weeks after use - even for casual users. This depends of course on regularity of use, metabolism, and body weight too. However, the vast majority of people who find themselves in the situation of having to flush their systems are in fact cannabis users.

The one place where you are going to face an on-the-spot drug test that you cannot reschedule? If you are caught drugging and driving.

If you suspect you may have a drug test upcoming and take illicit drugs, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself. This starts with keeping testing kits at home so you can screen yourself as needed.

5-Panel Drug Test Card

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There are several tried and true approaches to beating the box. The first is to try to abstain from using any drugs from the time the test is announced to the time you take it.

No matter what, and no matter how much time you have, there are also a couple of absolutely mandatory steps. And a couple of things to stay away from.


Drink lots of water every day before the test. Fruit juices like cranberry are also excellent for this purpose. Realise that while exercise and sweating is good, you might end up releasing more cannabis back into your system. That is why these tests have such a bad rap for regular users. The THC metabolite they measure in the sample could stem from cannabis ingested literally weeks before.

Also, research the available detox options now on the market. There are a couple of very good ones. If brave enough to engage in urine swaps at the test, pick the right one before you go. And practice. Try also to schedule your test for later in the day. If relying on your own urine, remember it is more concentrated first thing in the morning.

Need To Pass A Drug Test? Sweat It Out!


Take more of the drug before the test. If you are going to take additional precautions, like urine substitution, there is a high degree of risk. If you are caught swapping your urine sample out for another one, you face sanctions too. That is essentially an admission of guilt. Do not go into your test without getting your routine down.

Take more of the drug before the test


So, what can you actually purchase to help you pass a screening?

Start with a couple of detox drinks or pills that flush your system. These can be found in most head shops - both in brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Exercise is another good remedy if you have a little time. THC-COOH is stored in body fat. Remember that this can be a positive or a negative. If you are a heavy user, you are also likely to release more THC-COOH into your system upon exercising. You certainly do not want to exercise right before the test. Studies have found that even moderate exercise for heavy cannabis users can increase THC-COOH concentration significantly for several hours following the activity.

Sweating it out in the sauna is another option. Heavy users can actually excrete sweat containing THC metabolites. This method has been used to detox police officers exposed to meth labs. It is not the only option you should use. But it can't hurt.

Dilution is another method to fool at least urine tests. Flushing your system is one thing. Drink a lot of liquid from the time you hear about the test until the time you take it. The only down side? If the test company thinks you have deliberately diluted your urine, you fail. A way to overcome this? Things like creatine can add substance to weak urine. Vitamin C is also a good bet. If relying on this method, make sure to only collect urine midstream.

And don't forget good old pectin. This is found in most grocery stores. Fruit pectin is a type of fibre used in making jams, jelly, and Jell-O. Mixing this with water the day of the test can help. The pectin fibre prevents THC-COOH from being released into the bloodstream. This is not a good idea for heavy users as it won't be strong enough. Use this as an adjunct method, just to be sure.



At this point, there is a huge subculture, as well as multiple products designed to help clients beat drug tests. It really depends on which route you find best.

There are of course, system detoxifiers as well as urine detoxifiers. The first kind come in forms that must be used before the actual test. These are the best methods to rely on for most people. Trying to add urine purification drops at the test site is extremely dangerous. Swapping out urine also takes practice and on-site prep. The prep-before-you-go products all do one thing - they flush drug metabolites out of the system, including from urine. However, it is also possible to get shampoo that detoxes the hair.

Replacement urine is another option. Especially for medical or heavy recreational users who are unlikely to be able to detox before test time. This is a whole science and technique.

Remember, the urine has to be not only clear of drugs, but delivered to the nurse/technician at body temperature. They check. If tempted to go this route, don’t fear. There are lots of creative products out there to help you with this, including specially designed fake penises. This kit even comes with fake urine and heating pads to keep it at just the right temperature.

products designed to help clients beat drug tests

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