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After harvest

A culmination to a successful cannabis cultivation is the time of harvest. That precisely timed moment, when the buds are ripe and trichomes turning slightly brownish, is what most growers await for 2-3 months, watching their plants grow from seed (or clone), through the vegetative period and flowering, to cherish this moment.

Some cannabis growers, however, tend to forget that it is not yet time to enjoy the crops. Before you stick the flower into your pipe, inhale the THC rich smoke, you have to go through a series of processes to make proper marijuana from your cannabis plants.

First thing is to separate flowers from the plant - this could be either done by hand, using sharp scissors or trimmers, or mechanically, by professional, high yield after harvest machines. Next the plant has to be dried - here again several choices awaits, from the simple drying nets to complete drying boxes.

A properly harvested marijuana, dried slowly and gently, eventually will be ready to enjoy it. Since crops even from a hobby cultivation will be generous, it is always a good idea to store some for later, best in a sealed container to ensure ganja keeps its aroma and freshness.