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All plants need water to grow. Cannabis is no exception to this rule. SInce too much of it can actually kill the plant (if the soil gets too moisty, roots cannot breathe, thus leading to suffocation), and too little will obviously inhibit growth.

If you cannot, or prefer not to visit the growing area to often, it might be a niusance for you to water your plants every second day. However, using some irrigation techniques and devices it is possible to reduce the need to attend each watering in person.

The pump that provides the nutritional solution to your cannabis plants can be either time controlled, or feeding them round the clock using drip-in - dispensing tiny amounts of water directly, reducing waste and increasing the efficiency of nutrients.

Apart from saving your time, advanced automated irrigation system can actually increase the quality of your plantation. By rroviding water and nutrients in the regular time intervals, they expose your plants to less stress and allows them to direct all their energy to produce fat, juicy tops.