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Drying systems (After harvest)

Freshly harvested cannabis flowers are not exactly marijuana, not just yet. To prepare it for consumption, it should be dried, preferably without too much heat (otherwise the valuable psychoactive compounds might get damages). The process takes approximately one to two weeks, and should be done in an appropriate setup.

First thing you have to remember is that drying cannabis produces lots and lots of smell - a beautiful one, in most cases, but still unwanted by many. The best way to dry your cannabis plants, after separating the flowers from leaves, is to use a dedicated drying net, hang inside a drying box. These devices are similar in construction to the growing tents - actually if you are not running your cannabis plantation continuously, you might adapt your growing tent (by removing lighting) and use it as a drying space. What should still be left in place is a ventilation system, as it will take care of a proper flow of air (preventing any mould from appearing) and take care of the smell - make sure you have your carbon filter in order!