World's First Imagining Study Of the Brain On LSD
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World's First Imagining Study Of the Brain On LSD

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The world’s first visual mapping of the brain whilst under the effects of LSD has just been conducted, and the results are good.

We have covered similar subjects before. Up until very recently, the scientific exploration of hallucinogens has suffered a blanket ban thanks to the stigma and propaganda surrounding their use. Fortunately, as the reasoning behind this ban has slowly unravel, the scientific community has once again been able to start up research into their effects.

So far, the research that has been conducted has been very positive, with results indicating the potential for real therapeutic application. It is causing the field of enquiry to grow with a rapid speed, as more and more scientists turn to the investigation of hallucinogens.


Quite interestingly, it is the UK, where hallucinogens are classed in the most illicit bracket of drugs, which is currently leading the way in hallucinogen based research. This newest study is no different. A trio of prominent UK scientists have come together to conduct ongoing work investigating the potential of psychedelics. Their most recent endeavour has been to map the brain whist it is under the effects of LSD.

To do this, they recruited 20 willing participants, gave them 75 micro-grams of LSD, and then stuck them in an fMRI machine. It allowed them to map, in detail, exactly what happens in the brain when it is exposed to LSD. According to the researchers, the dose given produced some very profound effects in terms of cognitive activity, as well as mental and emotional states. They called the results of the mapping “very promising”, and being the next step in the growing body of research outlining the potential of hallucinogens to aid in the treatment of addiction, depression and negative thought patterns.

The scientist involved genuinely believe in their work, arguing that hallucinogens have the potential power to unshackle a mind stuck in negative thought patterns, and allow the user to see themselves in a new, constructive light.


This mapping is only the beginning. The researchers want to take this all much further, and lay a solid foundation for the scientific community to build upon. However, as they are acting independently, and because of the political baggage attached to hallucinogenic research, they have had to rely on crowd funding to achieve their goals. Fortunately, they are not the only ones to want their dream realised, and the public has flocked to their aid, donating substantial amounts of money. It is heart-warming, and will allow this much needed research to continue.

You can check out the crowd-funding campaign for yourself here:

Although the research itself is yet to have real life application, it is by no means insignificant. Quite the opposite, this is the first ever LSD brain mapping, and is a huge step forward in creating theoretical groundwork. The fact that they have done this, and achieved positive results at the same time has made waves throughout the scientific community. They are opening the flood gates, with more research soon to follow. Watch this space.

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