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Why Assassin's Creed Was Made For Cannabis Smokers

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Today's urban legends surrounding cannabis stem from its historic use in many different cultures. One of the most pervasive myths is that of the Assassin's Creed. What is this association and where does it come from? And further, why is it one of those pot-myths that will not die?

Assassin's Creed isn't just a game, there used to be a real brotherhood of Assassins. In fact, the game is said to be a heavily fictionalised version of this order - an order that had a great deal of love for cannabis. So let's take a look at the history of assassins, how the word assassin is linked to hash use, and their strong ties to cannabis.


The Assassin’s Order

The Assassin’s Order is a myth that has undergone many fanciful interpretations. Like most early cannabis “history,” events have been twisted and distorted over time, obscuring the truth or any evidence to suggest the reality of these occurrences. Most likely, the origin of this story begins with the Scythians.

These “noble savages” once ranged as horse-bound nomads across Europe and Asia. They were fierce warriors - including the women. The Creed adopted a uniquely mobile way of life, dependent on necessity. Not only did they spread their cultural influence wherever they went, they also embraced the ideals of others, mixing numerous cultures to comprise a distinct, nomadic tribe.

Marijuana and hemp were not only cultivated and used for medicinal and spiritual causes in this warlike association. They were also used as a valuable form of trade. This is how it is believed that cannabis spread so widely throughout the Eurasian land mass. Every nation from China and India to central European countries sustain cannabis cultures directly connected to this tribe.

Today’s abundance of urban myths surrounding the origins of cannabis is largely drawn from this source. However, there are some interesting reasons for such connections. These have everything to do with the prominent role cannabis has played in human historical development and medicine for millennia.



Whether or not “Hashshashin” actually represents a word in any language, the idea behind it is pretty cool. Supposedly, the term means “hash user.” Further still, this word is often regarded as the basis for the term “assassin.” Whether the Scythians were assassins depends on which side of history you found yourself. Regardless, warriors used hash as one way to both prepare and recover from battle. Translated to the modern day, this is a concept easily understood by medical users.

This starts with access to decent (and insurance covered) medical marijuana. As for counterintelligence, military assaults and the violent overthrow of government authority being naturally associated with pot? This does describe the War on Drugs perfectly. Apart from that? Austin Powers is perhaps the most accurate portrayal of a wannabe-weed-007 in the modern day.


Access To Medical Cannabis

Other common source myths feeding into these associations are the misadventures of Marco Polo. While visiting the Persian king al Hassan, Polo first witnessed cannabis use as a reward given to loyal soldiers during food-fueled orgies.

Today, millions of veterans all over the world clamor for access to medical cannabis. Israel began this trend during the last decade. In fact, the country's first medical marijuana trials were conducted on its vets. Other countries have begun to move in this direction. Shamefully, in the U.S., veterans can still not access the drug easily.


Cultural Rituals

The Scythians were actually a very modern tribe for several reasons. Again, they were highly mobile, travelling fantastic distances across what is now two continents. They also relied on cutting-edge technology and biochemistry to live a way of life most people could not. The Creed participated in a range of interesting cultural rituals that seem modern today, such as tattooing. They also developed in a way that naturally included progressive rights for female soldiers.

Further, they found entrepreneurial ways to survive multiple geographic shifts. Apparently, this includes the early monetisation of cannabis as a valuable cash crop.

All of these themes still resonate in the modern world. Geographic boundaries and social media have created their own “tribes.” Nowhere is this truer than with cannabis users. Those who consume cannabis for any purpose are changing the world as we speak. There is a kind of internal bond shared with others in the "stoner" sub culture not unlike that of a real tribe.


Strong Spiritual Associations

It really comes as no surprise that the myth of the Assassin’s Creed has stood the test of time, right up to the present day. One reason? It just kind of fits. Cannabis is a substance which has long been utilised by those seeking spiritual awareness that can't be accessed any other way. Some buy medical cannabis seeds and use what they grow to overcome physical (and emotional) pain. Ohers find creative inspiration, athletic motivation or a desire to relax and switch off. Whatever the reason, this miracle plant definitely inspires the body and brain to trigger uplifting outcomes.

Romantic ideas of noble warriors aside, cannabis is still used today for the same reasons as those adopted by the Scythians. With this in mind, mythology of the Assassin’s Creed will probably always surround the drug. Updated, digitised and translated into the cyber world, the basic ideas remain the same.

Marguerite Arnold

Written by: Marguerite Arnold
With years of writing experience under her belt, Marguerite dedicates her time to exploring the cannabis industry and the developments of the legalisation movement.

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