What the War on Drugs Has Done to the World [VIDEO]

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What the War on Drugs Has Done to the World [VIDEO]

Want to get technical with the War on Drugs? Then check out what one of the smartest business minds thinks in this video from TED.

You surely have heard of it before: TED is a world class stage for the best and brightest to share, argue and spread their ideas. It started off as a technology, entertainment and design conference, but the prolific names, and world changing ideas often shared here means it is now involved in pretty much all areas of life. When you speak at TED, you know that the world is listening.

This is no better exemplified by the recent talk presented by Ethan Nadelmann, the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. The talk was the lead presentation for the day, and addressed exactly what we are all thinking - the war on drugs has failed, and it is time to make a change. It is an extremely compelling speech, and makes some extremely good points. We highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to check it out below.

About Ethan Nadelmann

Ethan has been a drug reform activist for 20 years. He gave up his job as a professor of Princeton University to make a difference in this world – and what a difference he has made. As head of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan has played a major role in shaping the world today, promoting reform based in rational science, human rights, health and compassion.

Thanks to his contributions, the US is in the process of reforming state and federal law surrounding sentencing, treatment, prevention and marijuana policy at large. His prominent work has also seen him become an advisor to elected officials across the US, as well as presidents and other officials across the globe. If there is one man who knows his stuff, and one man you should listen to, it is Ethan Nadelmann.