What MDMA Teaches Us About Love
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What Mdma Teaches Us About Love

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MDMA is more than a party drug. As this new documentary ‘MDMA The Move’ explores, it has a whole world of potential to go beyond the dance floor and help those in need.

We all know MDMA is the love drug; but for many recreational users, the true beneficial nature of MDMA often goes unrealised, simply seeing it as a way to fall in love with the music and strangers of the dance floor. MDMA The Movie is a documentary exploring the deeper side of MDMA, and how it goes beyond being a simple party drug.

According to Emanuel Sferios, founder of the drug harm reduction organization DanceSafe, and producer of this documentary, MDMA The Movie sets out highlight the therapeutic uses of MDMA, how it changes lives, and how it is used recreationally – all in hopes of encouraging safer and responsible practices in both drug policy and recreational habits, as well as open people’s eyes to the therapeutic benefits they may be missing.

The below video is a highlight of interviews conducted within the documentary, outlining how people from all walks of life have benefited form the use of MDMA, gaining a better understanding of themselves, as well as those around them. It just goes to show that when used correctly, recreational drugs like MDMA can be a powerful tool in helping people; sure, they have a lot of potential for abuse, as does any medication, but in the right hands, it can change lives for the better.

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