Veganic Cannabis: Better For The Earth, Better For Us
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Veganic Cannabis: Better For The Earth, Better For Us

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Veganic cannabis is the next biggest innovation in the cannabis world, allowing growers to obtain higher quality medicine at far less of an environmental cost to the Earth that gave us this powerful medicine.

Cannabis is being resurrected into a post-propaganda era, cultivating reverence for its plethora of critical uses: From healing certain diseases, aiding in the prevention of others, providing multiple nutritious foods and serving as a vehicle to heal the environment and switch to a more eco-centered approach to industry. What a painful irony it would be if the mass production of this miracle crop resulted in practices that were detrimental to both the Earth and the life forms that inhabit it. Unfortunately that is often the case.

Indoor growing alone is a big drain on both water and energy use for high powered lighting. Another factor, possibly the biggest, is the mass use and abuse of animal products, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, all of which wreak havoc in their own individually sinister ways. Let's take a closer look at these problems, and then review a specific grow method that might be the solution.


Cattle industry: Opting to use animal-based products when growing may be a method to obtain impressive yields, but it does not come without its costs. Cattle industry is one of the biggest contributing factors to environmental damage and pollution, and reports have identified that the international cattle industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all means of transportation combined.

By being aware of this issue and consciously choosing to disengage from this industry, we can effectively help to reduce our personal contribution to environmental damage.

Pesticides: The idea behind pesticide use is to apply a chemical that is in its very nature toxic, in order to kill specific pests that attempt to feed on a certain crop, thus damaging it and reducing its value. However, the fact that such chemicals are in any way toxic renders them potentially harmful to humans, animals and the environment as a whole when faced with exposure.

Due to the unfortunate fact that most of the World's food, and most likely cannabis, supply is inundated with pesticides, most of us are victims of chronic exposure. Potential effects from this type of exposure have been found to include birth defects, blood disorders, hormonal disruption, malignant tumors, nerve disorders and fertility problems, among other detrimental factors.

Obviously both of these problems pose massive threats to the health and well being of people, animals and the earth itself. It seems as though the logical solution would be to completely cease these actions immediately and find ecological and healthy alternatives.

Yet we need fear not, as there may be a symbiotic and ecological solution to this problem that should not be left unaddressed. Enter stage, veganic cannabis.


The word “veganic” is the love child of the words “vegan” and “organic ”. This means vegan produce is created without the use of any animal products that fuel the messy industry in the insidious ways mentioned above. It also means that such produce is void of any harmful toxic pesticides which inevitably wind up in the air, water and food supplies, and so our own bodies.

Instead, veganic growers choose to replace synthetic fertilizers with compost teas, plant-meals and the castings of worms which help to naturally bombard soil with nutrients.

As well as being slightly more cost-effective, veganic nutrients may actually perform better too. This is in large part due to animal nutrients taking longer to break down completely. This may result in a buildup of residue over time which will negatively impact the pH of the soil and therefore the health of the plant and quality and quantity of the yield achieved.

Kyle Kushman has risen to international fame for the quality of the cannabis strains he is producing. These achievements include 13 Medical Cannabis Cups awards. What makes Kushman stand out, and produce such high quality herbal medicine, are the veganic grow methods he is pioneering and utilizing.

These are the benefits of veganic growing in Kushman’s own words: “After 20 years of organic growing, veganic cultivation is the logical 'next step' for me. I’m not trying to 'poo-poo' on organic cultivation. Pardon the pun. I am trying to elevate the cultivation of cannabis flowers to the highest level of purity possible. And who knows, perhaps someday you’ll be able to purchase veganic peaches at the grocer."

“Veganic simply means no animal derived products are used. Veganic nutrients rely on proprietary formulations of fermented plant solubles for the majority of their nutritive power. Vegamatrix nutrients are over 95% natural and organic, with only the required amounts of naturally mined minerals for superior growth. Others are comprised of 50% or more synthetics and mineral salts, making them closer to chem to me."

“Veganic cultivation allows you to grow the healthiest plants possible. The healthiest plants naturally produce the most resin and highest yields. The clear choice for superior cannabis cultivation is VEGANICS.”


VertafortGreater yields, more potent medicine, better for the Earth and humanity. What is not to praise about the veganic movement and growing methods? The supply for organic and vegan food is rising due to the huge increase in demand. This has resulted in huge shifts in business, labeling and niche markets. The same event is occurring in the cannabis sphere. Those lucky enough to live in cannabis friendly political climates have access to state of the art dispensaries and therefore know the exact qualities of the produce they are investing in. Over time if we use our money as a voting mechanism, to purchase high quality veganic cannabis and veganic nutrients, we can signal a shift to suppliers and the market as a whole. We can now sit back, spliff in hand and high in mind, knowing that each and every choice we make in regards to this medicine can actually help to heal the earth as well as ourselves.



Written by: Lucas
Lucas is a part-time writer and full-time visionary. An anonymous psychonaut blending into society with his suit and tie, he works to bring evidence-based rationality to the masses.

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