Trippy Video Of The Day: Bioluminescent Forest

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Trippy Video Of The Day: Bioluminescent Forest

We have a new video for you to check out, and it is a true masterpiece.

The artists of the bioluminescent-forest project have taken an already stunningly beautiful forest, and added in subtle bioluminescent projections, highlighting the life and energy that flows through this natural surrounding.

The video starts off both haunting and serene, setting the scene amongst the peaceful woods. Then as night descends, the forest comes to life with a trippy energy that is enthralling and hypnotising. Watch on, and calm your soul.

What makes it all the more impressive is that the bioluminescent effect was created on scene using a projector, not as a post-production edit. The group of artists have also put together a short, and just as artistic, behind the scenes video that is well worth a look at.