Top 5 Curious Bong-Water Alternatives
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Top 5 Curious Bong-Water Alternatives

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Reinventing a classic can go either way, these 5 bong water alternatives are just some of the ways to put a new twist on that age-old favourite.

Smoking a bong could be considered the cornerstone of cannabis culture, however like all good classics some need a remake to keep them current and fresh. With the options of how to smoke or consume your cannabis expanding every day, we take a look at some of the conventional and not so conventional alternatives to that classic H2O in your bong.

Now before we get all Heston Blumenthal on that bong water, some liquids just aren't practical. Milk or similar containing high amounts of fat are to be avoided as THC is soluble in fats and you risk losing some of your THC content. Alcohol is also considered a terrible idea; essentially mixing flames and alcohol vapour, never a good idea. As well as most spirits overpowering any cannabis taste from the bong. The other watch out is any drinks with high sugar content, if you don't clean your bong thoroughly after each use it will very quickly make your beloved useless!

Ice Water

The peak of a crisp and refreshing smoke, ice water is the classic H2O with a little twist. The cold temperatures of the water enhance the crisps flavours of your chosen bud as well as a giving the mind a quick blast. For a truly adventurous twist try adding a few mint leaves to the ice water for that classy and sophisticated look.

Hot Tea

The yin to ice water's yang. A great alternative to that classic bong water. Tea comes in an endless variety of flavours, including all manner of fruits teas to help enhance your smoke with your favourite fruit notes. The hot water can make the smoke harsher when inhaling and as such is an acquired taste. However, you can also let the tea cool down, and even add ice, to get tea-flavored water.


More of a visual spectacle than anything else. Gatorade is a great choice for house parties to spice up the look of your bong with its vast spectrum of colours. Whilst it may look impressive, it only mildly enhances the flavour and the high sugar content means that your bong will need an in depth clean before its next use.

Red Wine

Now I know we are breaking the golden rule of using alcohol in your bong, but be sure to choose a wine with low alcohol content for this. A chance for the wine connoisseurs among you to combine two great loves. Much like the enhancement of the smoke with the fruit flavours in tea, wine does the same thing, which is why a red is the best choice. Providing your smoke with those rich, cherry flavours of your favourite rioja.

Cranberry Juice

A cornerstone of bong water alternatives, cranberry juice has been a long standing favourite. Popular because the acidity of the cranberry can help to keep your bong cleaner after uses. Best enjoyed ice cold and fresh to keep the sugar content low, it provides a similar refreshing smoke to the ice water suggested earlier.

The sky is the limit when comes to bong water alternatives and the suggestions listed are just a few of the options recommend. Adding essential oils, vanilla drops and orange peel are all alternatives to be tried, providing their own unique smokes and flavours. Just like Mr. Blumenthal and his adventurous food pairing if it can be added to water it can probably be used as a chance to reinvent that classic.

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