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Top 5 Cannabis Strains That Cause Unstoppable Giggles

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Getting the giggles is one of the more enjoyable outcomes of getting high. We have compiled the top 5 cannabis strains known for boosting your mood and inducing some serious giggle episodes.

The giggles are without question one of the best outcomes of getting high from some good quality cannabis flowers. Have you ever been sitting around with your friends, passing joints and hitting bongs, only for one person to make a joke that results in seemingly endless laughter? This sensation seems to be contagious, an eruption of giggles that causes fellow stoners in the room to grip their torsos and fall off the couch in a fit of comedy.

But why exactly does cannabis have this effect? Well, there appear to be multiple factors influencing this phenomenon. For one, cannabis has been shown to enhance blood flow to certain areas of the brain including the cerebellum, right frontal lobe and left temporal lobe. It just so happens that the right frontal lobe is associated with appreciation of humour. Could this be the link between cannabis consumption and the giggles?

Giggle Areas Of The Brain


Other reasons why cannabis may cause this boost in laughter is due to neurotransmitter release. Every smoker is aware of the lift in mood that cannabis is capable of creating, due in part to the production of endorphins and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are associated with feelings of happiness, increased mood, reward and satisfaction. It is easy to see how cannabis could incite outbursts of laughter when taking this into consideration.

Cannabis is also associated with reductions in stress and anxiety. It could be this relaxing and chilled-out effect that manages to get people in the mood for laughing, expanding their perception of humour.

If you are smoking with the aim of relaxing and having a good laugh, consider lighting up one of the strains below to stimulate a glorious fit of the giggles.


Pineapple Express (Zambeza Seeds)

This indica-heavy strain should help chill you out, get you stoned and generate a good amount of positive vibes and bouts of laughter. The buds of Pineapple Express contain a THC percentage of 19 percent, meaning it won’t take long to get into that funny head space. Cramming this strain into a bong, bowl or joint offers a long-lasting high defined by an energetic buzz that will keep your mind engaged and help you to detect humour in anything.

The main effects of lighting up this strain are happy, uplifting and euphoric sensations. Not only will this strain get you giggling, it will also supply sweet, fruity and tropical tastes to add even more pleasure to the occasion.


Laughing Buddha (Barney's Farm)

As the name of this strain suggests, Laughing Buddha does a good job helping smokers relax and get into a mood where the giggles are more than likely to occur. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that features 20 percent indica genetics and 80 percent sativa. The sativa presence within Laughing Buddha is what makes it a prime choice for hunting the giggles, providing a cerebral buzz and a boost in alertness. This strain is actually a Cannabis Cup Winner, giving credit to its potency and effectiveness.

The earthy, herbal and sage aromas of Laughing Buddha encourage smokers to feel relaxed and blissful, while the sativa presence generate surges in happiness, creativity and appreciation of humour. The energy felt from smoking this strain will get you in the mood for some exciting and hilarious conversations and storytelling.


Blue Diesel (Advanced Seeds)

Blue Diesel results from the merging of ruderalis, indica and sativa genetics. This mix culminates in potent flowers that contain around 16 percent THC, definitely more than enough to burst out laughing at almost anything. Blue Diesel is slightly more indica-dominant, so it relaxes the user while simultaneously conjuring up a warming body high.

This relaxed state is perfect for watching stand-up comedy and joking with friends. The happy and euphoric high that Blue Diesel produces will have you laughing hard in no time at all. Notes of berry and diesel will leave a fine taste in your mouth as you do so.


Liberty Haze (Barney's Farm)

Liberty Haze offers a balanced, hybrid high that works to free the mind from a bad mood, easing you into a state of giggles. The flowers from this strain produce a massive massive THC content of 25 percent and are equipped with 1.8 percent of soothing CBD. This strain is a Cannabis Cup High Times Winner, which is proof that it is effective, complex and potent in its effects.

The high produced by Liberty Haze is both fast-acting and long-lasting, putting smokers in an energetic and positive state of mind that is more than likely going to stimulate the giggles. The impressive THC content within this plant, along with its indica genetics, allow it to relax the body and energise the mind. When smoking Liberty Haze, don’t be surprised if you are thrust into a mildly psychedelic, euphoric state of mind - it’s all part of the experience!


Maple Leaf (Sensi Seeds)

Maple Leaf is a pure indica strain that is derived from Afghani genetics. The soaring THC and CBD content produced by the immense amount of trichomes covering this strain holds the key to a giggly stone. Maple Leaf’s body high is extremely strong and lasts a long time, triggering a calming and relaxed state of mind.

The sweet vanilla aromas produced by this plant go hand in hand with the heavy and sleepy high. This is definitely the strain of choice when the time comes for some late night giggles.

Luke Sumpter

Written by: Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter is a journalist based in the United Kingdom, specialising in health, alternative medicine, herbs and psychedelic healing. He has written for outlets such as, Medical Daily and The Mind Unleashed, covering these and other areas.

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