Study: War on drugs is complete failure
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Study: War on drugs is complete failure

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You may not be surprised to hear it, it is something we have known here for a while, but the global war on drugs is failing. The difference now is that it is official.

You may not be surprised to hear it, it is something we have known here for a while, but the global war on drugs is failing. The difference now is that it is official. New socio-scientific research by a collaboration of Canadian and American academics has told the word what we all know – the war on drugs has no benefit to the health and safety of society; if anything, it makes it worse.

The report, which was published in the medical journal BMJ Open, has found that though governments of the world spend trillions trying to “fight” drugs, the availability and purity of drugs has steadily increased, whilst prices have decreased since 1990.

This ground breaking research is the first real measure of how well the war is going after decades of it being waged, and the results show that those waging it have all but lost.

The study looked into the meta data complied from seven international government drug monitoring schemes. All of these schemes had to have been monitoring the price and purity of cocain, cannabis and opiate for at least 10 years to be eligible. They also looked into the frequency and amount of drugs seized. Unsurprisingly they found that amounts on the market were far outpacing the amounts being seized.

Professor Evan Woods, the senior researcher had the following to say. "By every metric, the war on drugs — which is estimated to have cost North Americans over the last 40 years over a trillion dollars — has really been hugely ineffective. Drugs are more freely and easily available in our society than they’ve ever been.”

As you know this is not exactly surprising news. Many a forward thinking politician and prominent social figure has already declared that the war has failed, and that the governments of the world should be looking and policies of acceptance, treatment and education. A good example of this is the famous entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson. Not only is he the owner of Virgin Media, but also a prominent member of the Global Commission in Drug Policy and a vocal advocate for change.

It is time for governments to listen to the people and the research that is being done. It is time to decriminalize drugs and treat serious users as people who need educating and help, instead of treating them like hardened criminals – much in the way that the geniuses in Portugal have, which has largely been found to be a success.

The war on drugs only benefits a few, including the people who produce the drugs and constantly elude the law. Persecuting cannabis users, and other drug users, is a waste of police time. By legalizing and controlling the safer drugs (such as weed), and helping those using much more harmful drugs, it takes power out of the hands of organized crime whilst freeing up police time to chase said gangs.

As the Guillermo Paxton, the famous author of The Plaza and Cartel Rising wrote, “Follow the money trail. Everyone agrees that the forty-some-odd year war on drugs has been a complete failure, yet the failing tactics and illogical philosophies behind it do not change. Prisons are privatized; agencies are funded by large seizures, and rehab centers are for the most part ineffective. Yet everyone involved, including the drug cartels, stand to make significantly more money with the current system in place. The drug war is making some people rich, but has no actual benefits for the society as a whole. And the cartel war which ensued as a direct result of Calderon’s government and the DEA favouring one cartel, the Sinaloa Cartel headed by “Chapo” Guzman, resulted in well over sixty thousand deaths in Mexico.”

You have failed governments of the world. Stop wasting trillions on a pointless war just because you are afraid to admit you were wrong! Follow the advice of academics given to you, stop needless suffering and start decriminalizing drugs – starting with cannabis!

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