Marijuana Use Lowers The Risk Of Developing Bladder Cancer
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Marijuana Use Lowers The Risk Of Developing Bladder Cancer

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According to a new report, enjoying a bit of marijuana every now and again could protect your bladder from the dreaded cancer.

Back in 2002, an enterprising team of scientists from the National Cancer Institute gathered together a pool of 84’170 participants and asked them all about their habitual cannabis use, as well as tobacco use, in order to gain a baseline for their study. The results were as following:

• 41% (34’000) said they used cannabis

• 57% (47’092) said they used tobacco

• 27% (22’500) said they used both

• 29% (23’467) said they used neither

Fast forward to 2015, and the scientific team have had a catch-up session with each of the participants. Of the 84’170 participants, 279 had developed bladder cancer. 89 (0.3%) of them were cannabis users, while 190 (0.4%) were not. After factoring in for age, ethnicity, gender, and the many other potential variables, the team concluded that cannabis appears to cut the risk of developing bladder cancer by 45%! Conversely, tobacco use appeared to increase the risk by 52%, while using both tobacco and cannabis increased the risk by 28%.

The news comes as the National Cancer Institute, a wing of the US government’s health department, admits on its website that cannabis can fight and kill cancer. Despite this, cannabis remains an illicit drug in the US on a federal level – classed in the most dangerous bracket of drugs.

It is also worth noting, that while this is a longitudinal study, and has used a huge sample group, its results are mainly based on statistics, and not observed lab study. It has found a significant correlation, which strongly suggests that cannabis reduces the risk of developing bladder cancer, but this is not necessarily causation. More research, preferably clinically based, is needed. Despite this, this is still monumental news for the field of cannabis research, and is a noteworthy indicator as to what is to come. There is no ignoring stats like these; we are sure that it will spur further, more detailed investigation.


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