Study: Cannabis Reduces Domestic Violence

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Study: Cannabis Reduces Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is strongly related to drug use, but cannabis fights the trend.

There have been numerous studies of late all showing how cannabis reduces violent tendencies – be it when compared to other substances such as alcohol, or when assessing the link between cannabis and violence in general. Adding to this is a recent study investigating the effects of cannabis and domestic abuse; and wouldn’t you know it, they have found that smoking weed reduces the chances of couples abusing one another.

Looking at the data

Although only recently published, the study in question has been a long time in the making. Starting in 1996, researchers have gathered their data from 634 couples over 9 years of marriage. During this time, each couple was given regular questionnaires covering myriad of issues all relevant to their lives. Even when taking into account things like alcohol and other variable factors, the results showed a significant correlation between marijuana use and low levels of domestic violence.

What makes this research stand out is that it is one of the first to be conducted over a long period of time. Much research in the area of cannabis and domestic violence uses data from shorter periods of time, and thus is less representative. The fact that this study encompasses such a large timeframe adds much credibility to the results.

For comparison: Alcohol and domestic violence

Depending on the study and country you look at, between 50% and 70% of domestic abuse incidents involve alcohol. Most commonly, the perpetrator of violence is the one under the influence, and when sober, is rarely described as a violent person. Alcohol consumption as a direct cause of domestic violence is often disregarded or considered an excuse for the „underlying“ problem, such as economic hardship or an impulsive personality. However, according to the World Health Organization, there is direct evidence that indeed alcohol consumption leaves individuals less capable of finding non-violent solutions in relationship conflicts. Creating a vicious circle, heavy drinking can lead to further difficulties, which in turn increase the risk of violence in the relationship.