Cannabis Found To Reduce Migraine Frequency
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Cannabis Found To Reduce Migraine Frequency

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Scientists in Colorado have discovered that cannabis reduces the frequency of migraines in those that regularly suffer them.

The slow decline of cannabis prohibition is making way for more and more scientists to investigate the nature of cannabis, without the fear of facing persecution from the authorities or their fellow peers. It is causing a snowball of cannabis related research to be published, especially in places like Colorado, where cannabis has been fully legalised.

The most recent research to come out of Colorado was recently published in the journal Pharmacotherapy by scientists over at Colorado University. In it, they found that cannabis appeared to be an effective treatment for those suffering from regular migraines.

A migraine is like a headache on steroids, hitting with the mind extreme pain, and often causing nausea and blurred vision. For those who suffer them, it is a hellish state of being.


The research in question was a retrospective look at medical marijuana figures, assessing the effects of marijuana on 121 patients who were prescribed it to help treat their migraines. Each participant had a clinical diagnosis of migraines, and returned for a check-up after marijuana treatment was self-administered.

Encouragingly, it was found that cannabis caused the frequency of migraines to drop by a significant amount – allowing patients to get on with their lives and vastly improving its quality. It was also discovered that in 12% of patients, the use of cannabis during migraine onset managed to completely stop it in its tracks, preventing the migraine from taking hold.

Although there are other studies documenting the migraine-relieving power of cannabis, this is the first study to actually look at the effects it is having in the field, with real patients as they go about their lives. It is a huge success for medical marijuana.

The researchers concluded that cannabis was so effective, “further research should be performed to determine if there is a preferred delivery method, dose, and strain of medical marijuana for migraine headache therapy as well as potential long-term effects of medical marijuana.”

Once again marijuana is being shown as an active way to help treat people in need.



Written by: Josh
Writer, psychonaut and cannabis aficionado, Josh is Zamnesia’s in-house expert. He spends his days nestled out in the countryside, delving into the hidden depths of all things psychoactive in nature.

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