The Top 5 Documentaries About LSD
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The Top 5 Documentaries About LSD

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They say that knowledge is power, so here are some documentaries on LSD to help dispel the myths surrounding psychedelic substance.

The applications of LSD go beyond mere recreational use. LSD is an extremely complex drug, with a rich history and a potential to change lives for the better. It is through knowledge and understanding of this hallucinogen that the illogical myths surrounding it are dispelled; and through its exploration, new and exciting ways to harness it for the betterment of us all are found.

For those interested in learning a little more about LSD and the story behind it, we have put together a list of five must-watch LSD documentaries.

5. Ergot: the story of a parasitic fungus

Taking it right back to the very foundations of LSD, this documentary from the 50’s delves into the history, medical use, and commercial production of ergot – a fungus that contains Lysergic acid, the precursor to LSD. It was from the alkaloids in ergot that LSD was first synthesised, making this documentary ideal for those wanting to understand the events that led to LSD’s conception.

4. History of The Hallucinogen LSD Acid - Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Films

Set during the time when hallucinogenic culture was at its highest, this documentary primarily comes across as a propaganda film. It highlights to the modern viewer how little science understood about the drug, simply making assumptions and wild accusations. Despite this, some good points are made, and if anything, watching it helps highlight where the unfounded propaganda surround LSD originated.

3. Hofmann's Potion

Hofmann’s Potion is a documentary from 2002 which sees researchers look back over LSD’s troubled past, as well as try to delve deeper into the potential medical applications this drug may hold today. It is eye-opening and invites everyone to learn about the true story behind this often misunderstood substance.

2. Inside LSD

Inside LSD is a National Geographic documentary from 2012, exploring the new wave of research that LSD is currently enjoying, and the many positive potentials that are being found. It asks the question, after being shunned for so long, could LSD be the medicine of the future?

1. The Substance: Albert Hofmann’s LSD

This documentary from 2011 takes a close, scrutinising look at the troubled relationship we have with LSD, and how it has changed over time. It covers the entire span of LSD’s existence, right from its conception, up until filming.

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