Mr. X: A New Magic Mushroom Grow Kit By MushMush

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Mr. X: A New Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

Mr. X is a stunning cubensis strain that features the rare traits of albinism alongside a red spore colour, a world-first! This beauty is a cross between Moby Dick and Colombian Rust Spore. The Mr. X grow kit is simple and extremely easy to use.

MushMush is a company that specialises in the sale and distribution of magic mushroom grow kits. Consisting of a team of expert mycologists, they also delve into the domain of breeding. Thus far, MushMush has produced a variety of impressive hybrid strains, with perhaps their most impressive being Mr. X.


Mr. X is the result of the MushMush team looking to create something unique, spectacular, and rare. The strain is a cross between Moby Dick and Colombian Rust Spore. This combination has resulted in a world-first—a strain that features the traits of albinism, along with a red spore colour.

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Mr. X is a must for amateur mycologists, providing both a stunning aesthetic and a potent, high-yielding source of psilocybin. But with that said, it’s not just mycologists that can enjoy growing this unique breed of mushroom. The fact that Mr. X is sold in a grow kit makes it accessible and extremely easy to cultivate for just about anybody with an interest in magic mushrooms.

The ease of grow kits brings mushroom cultivation into the mainstream, allowing curious beginners a great entry point. Mycologists usually spend many hours bringing a strain to the stage of fruiting bodies. Starting with liquid cultures or agar wedges, mycologists go on to inoculate a grain substrate, and then proceed to an even larger substrate. Or some may choose methods like PF-Tek, which requires the creation of brown rice cakes and the construction of a fruiting chamber.

Growing Magic Mushrooms Made Easy


The Mr. X grow kit is simple and easy. The biggest challenge of the process is the patience that is required. Kits contain all that growers need for the entire operation, providing 1200ml of fully colonised substrate. The kit also contains a filter bag that allows for optimal growing conditions; it contributes to moisture-retention and allows for adequate gas exchange to occur.


Sterile practices like the use of gloves and rubbing alcohol are recommended to reduce the risk of contamination.

MushMush Grow Kit 'Mr. X' - Step 1

STEP 1: When starting the growing operation, open the lid of the box that the substrate is contained within, and fill it up with water. Replace the lid and allow the cultured substrate to soak for 12 hours. After the allotted time has passed, remove the lid and drain the substrate of water. Store the lid for later use.

STEP 2: Now, place the box filled with moist substrate into the growing bag provided. Roll down the opening of the bag slightly to seal it shut, then use several paper clips to prevent it from rolling back open.

STEP 3: And there we have it. The process is really that simple. Now the waiting game begins. It’s time for you to exercise your patience, a worthwhile virtue to train, and wait for a period of between 2–3 weeks.

STEP 4: Once your mushroom fruiting bodies have reached full size, it’s time to harvest them. Employ the same sterile practices as before and simply pull and twist each fruiting body out of the substrate. These can be used wet, or dried using a dehydrator and stored.

MushMush Grow Kit 'Mr. X' - Step 4


You’ll be happy to hear that this is only the first of multiple flushes, meaning the block of substrate will produce even more mushrooms. Repeat the same process as before multiple times until the block ceases production due to the mycelium using up all available nutrients.

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The team at MushMush have been in the game for quite some time. They started their business all the way back in 2001, but have been cultivating mushrooms since 1997. They have had to adapt to changing laws along the way, but are still successfully trading within the industry. They realise the difficulty of growing mushrooms at home for some, and see the immense simplicity in grow kits, leading them to provide their home-grow products to many.

The focus at MushMush is to cross unique strains together with strains they have already perfected, bringing about novel varieties such as Mr. X, White Rabbit, and Moby Big. The team ensures that their genetics are rejuvenated over time by replacing aged cultures with new lines bred from spores. Their kits are fresh and ready to go, and are made on a weekly basis.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kits by MushMush

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