Use Weed To Quit Smoking
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How To Use Weed To Quit Smoking

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Here we explore various ways you can take CBD with the intention of setting yourself free from tobacco addiction. It is not as hard as you may think to replace nicotine with weed.

We are indeed living in amazing times. With the advent of the internet, the crippling control of information by the powers that be is rapidly slipping through their fingers. This may sound like something coming from a conspiracy theorist wearing a tinfoil hat, but in this day and age, it seems all the hidden scientific truths are finally getting their overdue recognition.

It was not long ago when “Doctor”-actors openly portrayed the health benefits of smoking cigarettes on national television. Thankfully, by today’s standards, that would be considered a crime. Today, we pay the harsh price of this manipulative propaganda. In the U.S. alone, approximately 1300 deaths per day are directly linked to tobacco smoking. That is almost half a million individuals per year. Smoking tobacco is more than an addiction, it is an epidemic and it must be stopped.


A study by the University College of London has confirmed how CBD can help reduce cigarette addiction by 40%. The delivery method used in this trial was a CBD inhaler. In this double-blind experiment comprised of 24 individuals over a period of one week, half the participants were given a CBD-rich inhaler while the others received a placebo.

Over the week, participants were monitored. Instant results clearly showed that the placebo group displayed no significant reduction in cigarette consumption. The other group, however, ended up with a 40% reduction in use in just one week.

CBD inhalers are very similar to asthma albuterol inhalers, except without the albuterol. Additionally, they do not contain psychoactive cannabinoid THC. CBD inhalers are a very recent innovation and are not yet available in most regions. Many of the more-equipped cannabis dispensaries and online shops will carry them. These inhalers are not like regular vaporizers, they do not contain propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG).

CBD oils work fantastically well. Hospitals use vaporizers to administer all sorts of medicines, from nebulised morphine for severe interstitial lung disease, all the way to nebulised surfactant for preterm infants with, or at risk of, respiratory distress syndromes.

While the effectiveness of this delivery method seems to be the best for combatting smoking addictions, it is by no means the only one. CBD can be inhaled, ingested or smoked. The important thing to understand is that CBD is just one of many cannabinoids that work synergistically with the endocannabinoid system. And one man’s craving is another man’s dependence.

The following list represents some of the potential applications of CBD on the body:

  • Neuroprotective
  • Anti-seizures
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-tumoral
  • Anti-psychotic
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Treating a wide range of substance use disorders
  • Acne
  • Diabetes
  • Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • We hate to say it, but...etc!

The list seems to constantly grow with the release of new research on CBD’s benefits.


There is a modern saying that goes, “The only thing addictive about cannabis is growing it.” And while we make no claims about the veracity of these words, we can confirm that growing weed is one of the most enjoyable activities one can partake in.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of reaping what your sow and consuming what you grow. Medical cannabis cultivation is improving in leaps and bounds on a yearly basis and today, we are blessed to have access to high-CBD low-THC strains available on the legal market.

Take for example “Candida” by Medical Marijuana Genetics. This strain boasts an amazingly high 10-20% CBD content and under 1% THC, depending on the phenotype. Candida is perfect for those purely seeking the medical benefits of cannabis, without any of the psychoactive effects (that others love and cherish).

These feminized seeds will grow just like any regular recreational counterpart, performing well in both indoor or outdoor environments. There are two main pheno’s to look out for: one clearly a sativa with lower CBD levels around 10%, while the indica will produce higher yields and contains around 20.6% CBD. Laboratory analyses show that no matter which phenotype is used, THC content will appear in trace amounts under 1%.


Fast Eddy is an autoflowering variety. It is the general consensus in the cannabis community that autoflowers, containing the ruderalis family genetics, tend to have higher CBD content. But Fast Eddy takes it up a notch. It has a very high CBD content and only 9% THC. Therefore, this strain is a fabulous choice for those seeking to consume large amounts of weed for therapeutic reasons without getting too “smashed.”

Autoflowers are also a blessing as they are the simplest variety of cannabis to grow. Perfect for both the novice and experienced grower alike, autos are photo-agnostic, meaning they do not require a separate vegetative and flowering light cycle. From seed to harvest, you will need around 8.5 weeks, with excellent yields and quality bud to boot.


What happens when two of the most reputed cannabis breeders team up for a project? Magic happens. And that is exactly what CBD Blue Shark is. The brainchild of Barney’s Farm and the CBD Crew, this strain nails one of the most sought-after characteristics in the medical marijuana field - a high 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

This is a rare thing to encounter, so take notice. Not only does the strain have a 6.5% THC to 6.5% CBD content, it also inherits the flavours and fragrances of a landmark strain, Blue Cheese. For greater convenience, CBD Blue Shark is offered in feminized form and is an indica-dominant strain. A very manageable plant that yields exceptionally well.


For those who either cannot wait for a crop, do not like to inhale anything at all, or are in need of a stronger concentration CBD, there is a solution. Luckily, CBD oils that contain no THC, additives or impurities are readily available too. Take for instance Cibdol’s golden CBD oils and softgel capsules, containing some of the purest CBD you will find anywhere. Produced in Switzerland under the highest degree of laboratory scrutiny, it doesn’t get any better than this. Pure CBD oil, conveniently bottled and encapsulated to ensure zero waste thanks to streamlined dosing.


CBD Vapes are e-liquids used with your favorite vaporizer. They produce a clean, nicotine-free experience that does not contain any combustion by-products. This is because there is no combustion going on at all! Vaping is considered to be a safe and healthy way to inhale for enjoyment, and now by adding CBD to the liquid mix, you can consider it to be medicinal.

Unlike with smoking, you will not pollute your surroundings with a persistent stench that lingers for days. Vaporizers are extremely discreet; as soon as you exhale the vapor, it quickly dissipates before your eyes and in a few minutes, none will be the wiser. The biggest advantage of this method is the speed of delivery of CBD into your system.


No matter your preferred method of intake for CBD, it can be of assistance when trying to quit smoking tobacco. However, please be aware that the very first thing you need to have is the will to actually do it. You could be force-fed CBD by the bucket, but chances of a relapse will still be high if you don’t have a strong intent to quit smoking.

It is argued that nicotine is not the main culprit in tobacco addiction. There are several dozen other substances in commercial tobacco that are nefarious to your body. The jury is out on that one. One thing is certain though, tobacco smoking does nothing but harm. From dopamine release dependence all the way up to lung cancer, there is nothing fun about tobacco.

CBD is the new medical hope of the 21st Century - no one can deny it. It all seems quite ironic that the once demonised act of smoking weed has now become a potential savior against our true nemesis - tobacco.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter
With a BSc (Hons) degree in Clinical Health Sciences and a passion for growing plants, Luke Sumpter has worked as a professional journalist and writer at the intersection of cannabis and science for the past 7 years.
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