Hillary Clinton's Stance On The War On Drugs
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Hillary Clinton's Stance On The War On Drugs

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Democrats are meant to be liberal paragons and harbingers of change; yet Hillary Clinton, one of the Democrat front-runners looks anything but.

When it comes to liberal politicians, we would like to think that most are in favour of seeing an end to the failed War on Drugs. This hope is no more prevalent than when it comes to the US election – as the US are the driving force behind the war. As a result, we have been paying a particular interest to where the current presidential candidates stand. We have already covered the views of Bernie Sanders, a Democrat front runner who wants to abolish the War on Drugs. Now, we are going to take a look at the other front-runner: Hillary Clinton, and things are not looking as good as we would hope.


While Hillary is portraying herself as the forward thinking liberal leader that everyone needs, there are some extremely large flaws to be seen. Bill Clinton, her husband and former president, is responsible for creating the world’s largest privatised prison system – one that devastates America by making incarceration a profitable industry. It has resulted in the suffering of millions. And this system was created with the full support of Hillary. The Clintons have always adopted a “tough on crime” stance, and there isn’t any reason to think she will have suddenly changed her views simply because she is running for president.


In fact, if Hillary’s lobbying donations are anything to go by, it is probably quite safe to say that she will fight tooth and nail to maintain the war on drugs. It was announced in July that Hillary is funding her presidential campaign using money from the same group that lobby politicians on behalf of the prison industry!

The announcement declared that she has five prison lobbyists serving her campaign as “bundlers”. Bundlers are people who collect donations to the campaign from their industry in exchange for future favours of access to the candidate. At its core, it shows a fundamental problem with today's politics, and its ties Hillary to the prison industry for the foreseeable future. Even the fact that prisons are referred to as an industry is very disturbing!

You would think that a front runner liberal politician would have, well, more liberal views! But it isn’t the case.


So what does this all mean for the cannabis legalization movement that is sweeping the country? Well, it is hard to say. Nothing is certain, and Hillary, being a populist politician, is remaining rather quiet on the matter, in order not to alienate a growing portion of the public who support it. The answers she has given suggest that she is open to the current model of states deciding for themselves without federal intervention. If this is the case, then at least things will not get any worse under a Hilary Clinton presidency - the movement should still be able to move forward relatively unchallenged. However, it is not a definite, and she could simply be saying this not to upset anyone until she reaches the White House, where she can then safely U-turn and slam legalisation.

Even at its best, this is a severely disappointing stance from a Democrat forerunner. Let’s hope mounting pressure can change her views, or that Bernie Sanders beats her to the finish line. Hillary isn’t all she is cracked up to be, and would happily see one of the most unjust and disproportionally huge prison systems in the world continue to thrive. And what do these prison systems rely on to make money? Cannabis users.

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