Free Rudd Walker: A Lifetime Behind Bars For LSD
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Free Rudd Walker: A Lifetime Behind Bars For LSD

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Roderick Walker has been unjustly put behind bars for LSD he didn’t even possess - and he needs your help getting out.

Could you imagine spending the rest of your life in jail because of LSD? Well, for Roderick “Rudd” Walker, this is the unfortunate reality. Over a decade ago Roderick was charged with „LSD conspiracy“, a charge that was thrown at him as he was not actually found in possession of any drugs. That’s right, he was sentenced to LIFE imprisonment and he didn’t even have any of the substances the authorities were looking for.

Devout DeadHead and family man, Rudd enjoyed expanding his mind and didn’t make a secret out of it. However, no substances were ever found in his possession and yet he was sentenced to life in prison.

There Was Never Any LSD

The fact that he was never found in possession of LSD doesn’t seem to matter in the eyes of the law, and is probably the most horrific and insulting aspect about this situation. This case is one more tragic example that shows how the war on drugs is misused as a legal instrument to ruin the lives of those who think differently. Rudd’s conviction was solely based on witness testimony, most of whom were bargaining down their own prison sentences in return for putting Rudd away. Even assuming that Rudd actually was in possession of LSD, life in prison is a penalty that can only come from a deeply dysfunctional, draconian and borderline fascist regime. The severity of this penalty is commonly reserved for murderers and other severe criminals, but it also shows how scared the government is of psychedelics.


Help Right An Injustice

This is the message Rudd’s friends and family are trying to send to those who make the Law in the US; and they need your help. By signing the petition to have Rudd released, you can add you name to the growing voice trying to fight this injustice.

LSD is now being actively researched for its potential as a future medicine. Our understanding of the drug has come on leaps and bounds since Rudd’s incarceration over a decade ago, and it is becoming more apparent by the day that the War on Drugs is a complete and utter failure. The fact that a non-violent man is serving life behind bars is unacceptable. The time is over-due to stop this insanity:

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