Domestic Violence Associated With Alcohol, Not Cannabis

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Domestic Violence Associated With Alcohol, Not Cannabis

New research is further dispelling a myth surrounding cannabis: cannabis does not cause violent behaviour - alcohol does.

A team of researchers from the University of Tennessee and Florida State have been comparing data on whether alcohol and cannabis use lead to higher odds of abuse within men in a relationship.

The researchers surveyed college aged males who consumed alcohol and/or cannabis on a regular basis, and were also in a relationship. For 3 months, all participants were questioned daily about their cannabis and alcohol use, as well as any violent behaviour towards their partner (physical, sexual and psychological).

It was found that on days where alcohol was used, men consuming any amount of alcohol, be it minimal or heavy (heavy being defined as 5 drinks or more), showed increased likelihood of physical or sexual violence towards their partner. Similarly, psychological violence only increased on days when there was heavy alcohol consumption. Conversely, days that marijuana was used showed absolutely no increase in the odds of any type of aggression or violence.

It goes to show what the difference is between these two drugs, (and alcohol is a drug). Many people know first-hand the damage alcohol can cause, yet it is legal when cannabis is not – a drug that helps the sick and causes none of the aggression or anti-social behaviour found with alcohol. It makes you wonder.