DMT E-Zine „The Nexian“ Released
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Dmt E-Zine „The Nexian“ Released

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The most vibrant DMT web community just released the first issue of The Nexian, the official e-magazine of the DMT-Nexus. It features trip reports, growing advice, interviews and many more interesting articles about all things DMT.

The DMT-Nexus is the ultimate resource for all things Dimethyltryptamine. Striving to become a full fledged entheogenic university, the Nexus is the keeper of the collective tryptamine wisdom. It‘s archives hold extensive knowledge about cultivation, plant preparation, experiences, combinations, as well as much discussion about the spiritual and cultural implications of the psychedelic experience. All content is created by its member, and so is the Nexian.

Like the website, the e-magazine seeks to spread knowledge and information about DMT and its entheogenic culture. The Nexian is free, so have a look at it.

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