Cannabis Shown To Fight The Most Aggressive Form Of Brain Cancer
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Cannabis Shown To Fight The Most Aggressive Form Of Brain Cancer

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We have all heard that cannabis can help fight cancer – but it turns out it could be significantly more effective than we originally thought.

We know we bang on about the scientific discoveries surrounding cannabis a lot, but it is for good reason! The constant stream of positive research surround the potential applications of cannabis is overwhelming, and this is no more apparent than in the most recent case, where researchers have found both THC and CBD to have stunning effects on one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer there is – glioma.

The Study

Published in the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics journal, this research from St. Georges Hospital at the University of London aimed to test the effects of both THC and CBD in conjunction with irradiation therapy on glioma brain tumors.

To begin with, each cannabinoid was applied individually. It was found that either 19mM of CBD, or 14 mM of THC, caused a shrinkage rate of 50% in cancerous cells. They then went on to test a combined solution of THC and CBD, which only required 7mM to achieve the same results.

Both synthetic and plant derived concentrations were used, and both were observed having the same astounding effect. Read more about the study here.

Yes, It’s Big News

We know there has been a lot of positive cancer related research when it comes to cannabis, but none have been as profound as this. It is a highly significant finding; brain cancer has a two-year survival rate of 30%, and a five-year survival rate of just 10%. The fact that cannabinoids have been shown to have such a major effect on cancerous brain cells when used with radiation therapy, by such a prestigious institution, is a very promising development.

According to these results, THC and CBD effectively induce cell death in cancerous cells, inhibiting the progress of tumor growth, and even triggering its death from within. It is thought to be so effective due to the fact that the brain is absolutely packed full of CB1 and CB2 receptors – the receptors that the active compounds of cannabis bind to.

As it stands, this research is currently the cherry on top of the already large mound of cancer related cannabis research. It would appear that the future fight against cancer could be very closely entwined with our green beauties. Let us hope that these findings can now be applied in a way to actually save lives.

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