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Best Airbnb Getaways For A Psychedelic Experience

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We created a list of the eleven best stays for your psychedelic experience, helping you make the most out of your journey. Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to create a memorable trip.

A psychedelic experience, from taking magic mushrooms to taking Albert Hofmann's LSD, is always a unique experience. A good environment is one of the key elements for a positive trip. Nature will always provide a colourful haven, but if it rains you might want to go inside. With that being said, you have to know that it is always possible to have a positive trip. Your own state of mind is the biggest influence on your trip. We created a list of eleven Airbnb places that will provide you perfect shelter during your trip and help add something unique to your experience.


This one-bedroom tree house will provide a very cosy and open environment for a psychedelic experience. What makes this place unique, besides that it is a tree house, is that in comes with a Tuscan ‘experience’ and you have the opportunity to become part of the large Tuscan family during your stay there. The collective feeling that often comes forward while on psychedelics will find its place here in this tree house and the surrounding Tuscan family. The location also provides a swimming pool, tennis court, shared kitchen and a gorgeous abundance of olive trees. Waking up surrounded by nature with a summer breeze flying over your soft bed sheets is something every one of us needs and will well and truly help you unwind.


The most preferred surrounding while on psychedelics is nature. Imagine staying in a house that looks like a mushroom in the middle of the woods. We found the perfect place for you: ‘The Mushroom dome” cabin in USA, California. Kitty and Michael, the owners, will look after you and make sure that you have everything within reach, such as towels, food necessities, games, movies and more.


For the more tropical psychedelic experience, you should consider, if possible, to visit this villa in Bali, Indonesia. Also known as the ‘Mushroom villa”, this is a gorgeous one-bedroom rental, built of wood and surrounded by nature’s fruits. Everyday is a good day to go out and pick your own coconuts, papayas, jackfruit and passion fruit from their tropical gardens. Fruit is the best while on psychedelics, they taste even better when you can pick the fruit yourself. 


How about feeling totally independent from everything? In California, USA, in an area that is called Pioneertown, we found the “Off-grid It” house. This two-bedroom house is about as eco as they come. It is self-sustaining with solar panels for energy and heat and it is completely off the grid. A stay at this house is an interesting and new experience; it makes you think differently about how we use energy.


Elqui Domos is one of the seven astronomic hotels worldwide and the only one in the South Hemisphere. If you like to lie down and enjoy the stars, you should definitely consider visiting this hotel. If you like to trip at night, Elqui Domos will provide you with services that will answer your every need. You can choose from a variety of activities to do, including specialised astronomic tours and night-time horse rides.


Are you in search for the ‘potential’ perfect place and location for your psychedelic experience? Please stop searching for a sec and take a look at this tree house located in Nicaragua. This two story tree house villa overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is located in one of Central America`s largest private wildlife corridors, making incredible wildlife sightings a daily occurrence. Picture yourself waking up, taking psychedelics and having the option to stay in the jungle or to go to the beach. Unreal!


For an Eastern vibe in Europe, you should visit this original Ola Afghani Yurt in Germany. This place is a collection of Eastern items and colours that will take you on a unique journey. You will have access to their beautiful garden and swimming pool for your daily dip.  


Something very unique; it is not a tree house and it is not a cave. To be honest we don’t know the exact name for this type of accommodation but for now we are going to call it a cocoon tent high in the trees. This cocoon tent is probably the closest you will come to a bird’s nest. A net that hangs in the air surrounds the cocoon. Imagine lying down in mid-air listening to the birds and other wildlife. I would recommend this accommodation to more experienced users cause I can imagine this stay could come with a ‘trapped’ feeling.


Definitely a unique experience would be this bubble in France; lying down in bed, watching the stars whenever you want and being surrounded by the calming sounds of the forest. And after your trip, you have the luxury to relax in a jacuzzi that is just next to the bubble. 


Camouflaged behind the trees and bushes lies the secluded dome surrounded with lots of space for relaxation in the sun. The dome is set on a wooden platform with an adjacent deck and dinner table. You can enjoy a warm shower outside; imagine tripping and taking a warm shower outside in nature. This location will come with a community approach as you share the kitchen and the many stoves inside and outside the house. There are several hammocks where you can ‘nature and chill’.


For a more modern psychedelic approach and maybe for the more experienced trippers we found this Mirrored house in the USA. The exterior of the house is covered in mirrors and inside there is lots of art to lose your attention to. Not only art pieces but also the whole interior is an artwork itself. Even washing your hands is a unique experience as the sink is a marbled paint pattern of the colours black and white.

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Luke Sumpter
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