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5 Strongest Kanna Products

Kanna is a natural stress-relieving plant from South Africa. In fact, South Africa is the only place on the planet it grows in the wild. Fortunately for all you lucky psychonauts, we’ve put together this compilation of the top 5 strongest kanna extracts you can have delivered to your door.


Kanna is a succulent-like plant found only in the dry, arid regions of the western cape of South Africa, AKA Kannaland. Botanists will refer to the plant as Sceletium tortuosum, recognising eight individual species. To the native San and Khoikhoi, it’s “kougoed”, meaning something to chew. Although this term can also refer to tribal preparations, it’s just as common for bushmen to use this moniker for the plant too. The alternative channa spelling only adds to the confusion. So for the duration of the text, we’re sticking with kanna.

These days, kanna is cultivated in the nurseries of South Africa. Kanna has transitioned from a wild-growing psychoactive root to a real commodity for export.



The nomadic hunter-gatherers of South Africa shared their environment with the big five. This put tribes in direct competition for resources with some of the most ferocious creatures on four legs. Chewing of the dried kanna leaves relieved hunters of their anxiety and tension. Traditional use was not exactly to get high—really considered more like a natural panacea, similar to how the tribal people of the Andes used the coca leaf.

It’s the alkaloids in Kanna that deliver the mildly euphoric psychoactive effects. Consumers report feelings of tranquility and are more appreciative of their natural surroundings. There can be a boost in one's own confidence, which is why Kanna is considerd to have a positive effect in social situations.

Kanna is said to be both sedative and stimulating; low to moderate doses produce an energizing effect, while higher doses sedate and tranquilize the consumer.

Interested in trying kanna for yourself? At Zamnesia, we’ve got options. Below are the top five strongest kanna products on the market.

How To Take Kanna: Snorting vs. Smoking vs. Chewing

Kanna is a mood-altering plant that is found in abundance throughout South Africa. Kanna contains alkaloids that work as serotonin reuptake...



Kanna Extract UC2 is the ideal kanna preparation for adding to food. But as it’s a powder extract, it can also be insufflated (sniffed). When ingested and absorbed through the digestive system, the effects take longer to kick in, but may last for hours.

In contrast, sniffing will induce a more rapid onset of effects with a shorter duration. Users report light doses as stimulating, while heavier doses are associated with more physically sedative effects. How you choose to consume kanna makes all the difference. Kanna Extract UC2 gives you more options than the average kanna tablet.



Kanna Extract UB40 is a potent, high-grade dried kanna extract for the vape enthusiast. That’s right, this novel kanna concentrate is made for your vaporizer. This is definitely not fine enough to sniff, so don’t even try it.

The coarse Kanna Extract UB40 is a dry herb product specifically for use in vapes. Dial in the perfect 188°C temp, and just a few draws will bring on the blissful effects in about 5 minutes or less. Vaping is one of the most convenient consumption methods, but it makes the kanna feel more potent too. This sour, earthy flavoured fog is best enjoyed in small doses, especially for the uninitiated.



Kanna Smart Liquid is the latest innovative kanna product aimed at the e-cigarette user looking for a smart solution to dosing with kanna extract. Lock and load with Kanna Smart Liquid, without having to invest in an expensive new device. Simply use your current e-cigarette.

Again, we must mention that most users report feeling the effects fast with Kanna Smart Liquid. Just a few draws is all it takes to induce an intense experience. Consider this the express route to kanna relief. Tasty vape draws go down smooth and come on strong. Trust us, it’s a virtually instantaneous hit.



Kanna Extract ET2 is not exactly extraterrestrial, but it certainly takes you to a higher plane than most other kanna extracts. This is high-potency kanna snuff for those already familiar with the experience.

Kanna Extract ET2 is for psychonauts intent on voyaging deeper. Used as a snuff, Kanna Extract ET2 will begin to stimulate the senses in approximately 3 minutes. The cerebral ride takes you to maximum altitude for the following 30 minutes. Alternatively, Kanna Extract ET2 can be used to make a psychoactive tea that comes on more gradually and lasts a couple of hours.



Kanna Extreme is the Zamnesia's own special kanna extract. Formulated for potency and versatility, our one-of-a-kind, high-grade kanna extract is the one-for-all kanna solution.

Kanna Extreme is suitable for vaping, insufflation, and can even be infused in a tincture for sublingual dosing. The effects will come on quick and strong, so best to ease on in to this one and work your way up from a threshold dose to find your own Kanna sweet spot. Connect with your inner tribal warrior with Kanna Extreme.

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