5 Myths About Growing Cannabis - Debunked
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5 Myths About Growing Cannabis - Debunked

3 min

Despite what many think, growing cannabis is dead easy. Sure, it is a tricky beast to master, but any novice can put seed to soil and still get results. However, many potential growers are put...

... off by the intimidating nature of some of the myths surrounding the art. So let’s take a look at some, and show them for what they are.


This is one of the annoying myths about growing cannabis and is probably responsible for putting off more potential grower than any other. Of course, growing indoors can be more costly than growing outdoors, as you need some equipment, but this equipment doesn’t have to be top of the line to get good results. For the hobby grower looking to cultivate one or two plants, it is possible to pick up relatively cheap indoor starter packs which include a small grow tent, a grow light, and all of the other bits and bobs you need. The cost of these kits are still far cheaper than regularly buying weed from a dealer, and once you have one, all you need are cannabis seeds, soil, water and time.

This brings us nicely onto outdoor growing. If you can find a nice private spot to grow your weed, there are no additional costs what so ever. Apart from the watering and occasional feeding, you can leave the rest up to nature.


While having a green thumb can certainly help, you don’t need natural talent to get good results. It is surprising how resilient some strains of cannabis are, and even a negligent grower can harvest a decent yield. All it takes is a little love and care to develop your skill. Growing cannabis is easy and should be about fun – and as long as you are willing to learn, happy plants will follow. You will be a master in no time.


Although developing your skill is an important part of being a grower, it will only take you so far. A high level of skill will certainly get you the most out of mediocre seeds, but all cannabis is fundamentally limited by its genetics. Moreover, once you have hit that ceiling, no amount of love, care or skill will take the plant further. Inferior genetics are a waste of time. Good seeds with solid genetics will skyrocket the quality of your grow, and give you plenty of room to learn. There is an old saying in the growing community: planting good seeds is 50% of the work done.


“Bagseed” refers to a collection of random cannabis seeds that have been found in marijuana buds. Because they are seen as disposable, many think they are an excellent learning tool for novices. However, bagseed often contains extremely inferior seeds, resulting in poor growing, stunted, and even hermaphrodite plants. This is likely to put off novice growers more than anything – as it makes them think they don’t have what it takes, when actually, they are limited by their seeds. If you want something you can learn with, and that will put up with novice mistakes, you need to get seeds with high-quality genetics. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive you can find either. There are many entry level seeds out there, with high-quality genetics, from reputable seedbanks.


This is a very common, and often costly myth. Never add fruit juice to your cannabis, if anything it is likely to kill them. It is understandable that growers want to enhance the flavour of their final bud, but more often than not, it causes more harm than good.

If you are determined to give it a try, then don’t use fruit juice, use water mixed with a natural extract – such as lemon juice or vanilla essence. Wait until 3-4 days before harvest, and then starve your cannabis of water. On the day of harvest, your cannabis should be very thirsty, so now is the time to water it with your flavour mix. Once watered, leave it 3-4 hours to soak up. The theory behind this is that should the mixture be fatal for your cannabis, it doesn’t matter, as you are harvesting it that day. Also, as the plant won’t have time to breakdown the mixture before you harvest, it should still be present within it. How well this method works is variable, and we are not responsible for anything that goes wrong if you try it. We would not recommend it – just enjoy your bud as it was meant to be. You have been warned.

Anyone can grow cannabis, so don’t let the myths put you off! It is incredibly fun and fulfilling to produce your supply, and while you won’t be a master the first time around, you will see your skills improving with each successive grow. So get some seeds and put them to soil. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Adam Parsons
Adam Parsons
Professional cannabis journalist, copywriter, and author Adam Parsons is a long-time staff member of Zamnesia. Tasked with covering a wide range of topics from CBD to psychedelics and everything in between, Adam creates blog posts, guides, and explores an ever-growing range of products.
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