Top 10 Apps For Taking Psychedelics
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Top 10 Apps For Taking Psychedelics

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There are many ways to enhance your experience with psychedelics, such as creating the right atmosphere and getting your dose perfect. Then, of course, there's music, psychedelic artwork, and journaling. Well, you might be surprised to learn that there are apps for these things! Here are the top 10 apps to enhance your psychedelic experience.

Looking to heighten your experience on psychedelics? Of course, there are many ways to do so, such as by dialling in the optimal dose or using lights and trippy artwork to enhance visuals during your trip. But you might be surprised to learn that your phone can also play a vital role in your psychedelic journeys. Read on to discover the top 10 apps to enhance your psychedelic experience.

Why Use an App When Taking Psychedelics?

There are many different ways to use psychedelics. While some choose to take large doses to push the boundaries of their consciousness and boost creativity, others are focused on achieving therapeutic outcomes from their journey—whether that be to resolve emotional issues or come to terms with age or illness. Moreover, some have taken the “Silicon Valley approach” to psychedelics, wherein small “microdoses” of mushrooms or acid are taken to subtly boost well-being and cognitive function, without causing any sort of intoxication.

As you can see, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to taking psychedelics. And with that in mind, innovators in the tech and psychedelics spaces have taken to creating apps to boost the psychedelic experience from the palm of one’s own hand. Looking for therapeutic guidance? Some visuals to get lost in for a while? Trying to boost creativity? While set, setting, and dosing play the largest roles in the success of a trip, these 10 apps can help you take the experience to the next level.

1. Wavepaths


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free (currently beta testing)
  • Music/Therapeutic

Wavepaths is a collaboration between neuroscientist Dr Mendel Kaelen, a team of dedicated psychotherapists, and world-renowned musician/producer Brian Eno. The result is an app that utilises adaptive therapeutic music to enhance the psychedelic experience. Catering more toward an emotional, introspective trip, the app uses groundbreaking AI technology to create a relaxing atmosphere via endless procedurally generated ambient music and soundscapes. Initially, the app was only available to use through pop-up sessions in cities such as London, but it has now entered a beta testing phase where users can register their interest.

Although research on the use of psychedelics in mental health is very much in its infancy, and is certainly a tricky subject to address, Dr Mendel Kaelen created the app as a means to support therapeutic work with PTSD, depression, and anxiety through the “untapped healing effects of music”. This is certainly one exciting app whose development should be closely followed.

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2. Hypnoglyph


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Visual/Patterns

If you love intense and colourful visuals while you're tripping, why not create some of your own? Hypnoglyph is your new kaleidoscopic plaything. All you need to do is load up the app, and a cube will appear on-screen. However, this isn't an ordinary cube; this is one you can manipulate and transform by spinning it with your fingers. The ensuing patterns and colours will enhance your trip effortlessly. Sure, it sounds like a simple concept, but it's the execution that really makes it.

The app is easy to use, especially when you're starting to feel the effects of your chosen psychedelic. Just one tap, and you're ready to go. Just strap yourself in and prepare to experience all kinds of shapes that will have you transfixed for hours. This is definitely a transfixing experience, and one that’s made even better in the presence of friends.

3. PsycheDev


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free (waiting list currently)
  • Guidance/Lifestyle

If you've ever wanted to dive into the exact science of what makes the perfect trip, PsycheDev could be for you. This app is perfect for those taking their first steps into the world of psychedelics, as well as those with plenty of experience. PsycheDev offers a personalised take on tripping, factoring in how your well-being and emotions contribute to the experience. The app provides you with a tailored regime designed to get you in the best headspace to extract the best from your psychedelic trip.

Split into several areas, such as “Intention Setting”, “Questioning”, and “Meditation”, each one is designed to “accelerate your growth”. By answering simple questions and following easy exercises, PsycheDev effortlessly prepares the user for their trip. In turn, the app aims to improve well-being and help you develop a better understanding of yourself. While it might sound ambitious, PsycheDev is an easy-to-use app that can guide you in the right direction to better psychedelic experiences.


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Study/Guidance

Want to be a part of psychedelic history? Well, now you can. is the world's first mobile microdosing study that focuses on the links between microdosing psychedelics and cognitive performance, well-being, and mental health. Launched in 2019, the app has gained considerable traction since then, with over 13,000 participants already providing a detailed look into their microdosing habits.

Once you've opened the app, you'll be asked to complete a general intake questionnaire, including some basic demographic information and general health questions. However, those concerned about discretion will be relieved to learn that the app is 100% confidential and safe to use. Designed to monitor microdosing over a 3-month period, users can fill out daily questions and complete cognitive performance and mental health assessments to give a much deeper analysis into the overall effects of small doses of psychedelics.

5. PolyFauna


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Experimental/Patterns

PolyFauna is an audio–visual experience that both stimulates and relaxes. Co-developed by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, the app combines digital art and exploration for a trippy encounter you won't forget in a hurry. Control the viewpoint using your fingers; this allows you to turn and face the strange shapes and colours that surround you. Thanks to the intuitive and groundbreaking design, you'll get a different experience each time you load the app—no two sessions are the same.

PolyFauna's strange and ethereal landscapes are accompanied by subtle music composed by Radiohead, which offers up a soothing and relaxing vibe to the trip. Overall, this app provides a thought-provoking environment that is easy to get lost in, regardless of your choice of psychedelic. Perfect for those looking to stimulate a little creativity!

6. Trip


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Guidance/Setting

This app doesn't hide behind an abstract name; Trip allows you to create the best and safest environment for your psychedelic adventures. By answering a few questions on what you want to get out of your trip, the app will put together a personalised experience for you. Starting with “Intention”, you can set the goal of your experience. Whether you're looking to discover more about yourself, grow, or transform, there's a setting for how you're feeling.

Next, you can select a choice of music, with personalised soundscapes that allow you to fully immerse yourself. However, if you prefer no sound, there's an option for that also. If you're looking for more information before your trip, there are plenty of pre-recorded audio seminars conducted by psychedelic therapists and expert teachers. They provide interesting insights into how the mind and body work on psychedelics, and what you can expect. The last thing you need to do is start your trip. With all the options you've selected, Trip will provide the perfect setting for you. There's even a “record a thought” button to allow you to document some of your psychedelic experiences.

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7. Fraksl


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Creative/Artistic

Ever wanted to add a creative twist to your trip? Fraksl allows you to make fractal art with your phone or tablet. It's easy to create strange and psychedelic designs that mirror your mood. With a simply huge variety of effects, filters, and tools, anything is possible. Regardless of your artistic ability, Fraksl is intuitive and effortless to use, so you can make one-of-a-kind art pieces that you can save for future use. There's even a share button so you can send your trippy artwork to friends.

That's not all; you can use your phone or tablet's camera to further manipulate your designs. This allows for unique movements that will bring your artwork to life. There's certainly no harm in embracing your creative side while tripping—it's no secret that many musicians and artists consider their best work to have been created during a trip, or in its wake. Maybe yours will stand the test of time too.

8. Lumenate


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Guidance/Lifestyle

Lumenate is the app that covers all aspects of your psychedelic trip. From preparation all the way to the moment itself, it gives you the information you need to fully immerse yourself in your subconscious. Set your goals and track your progress with the intuitive interface. Looking for a deep, reflective psychedelic session? Lumenate will show you the way. There's even a journal section that allows you to document your changes and develop your insights.

Once ready to undertake your trip, there are many other features included to help you get the best out of your psychedelic experience. The consciousness-shifting stroboscopic light utilises the torch from your phone to allow your brain to enter a powerful altered state of consciousness. Couple this with the unique soundtracks provided, and you'll have everything you need to make the most of your trip.

9. Last Voyage

Last Voyage

  • Available: iOS
  • Paid
  • Puzzle/Visual

While it has an ominous name, Last Voyage is a unique gaming experience that's designed to cater for those psychedelic gamers. This is a cosmic adventure like no other, and challenges the player to explore space and traverse portals to solve puzzles. It's a cinematic experience that is easily playable while you're tripping. There's no sense of pressure—just relaxing soundscapes and a visually unique game that is easy to enjoy.

Load it up and kick back as you become immersed in this artistic and beautiful universe. With powerful visual effects, fans of psychedelic artwork are bound to feel right at home on this space-age adventure. Compelling through all 10 chapters, Last Voyage will certainly see you through your trip and beyond, making it far from your “last voyage” with this app—you’ll come back again and again.

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10. PsyStation


  • Available: Android & iOS
  • Free
  • Music/Setting

It should come as no surprise that psychedelics and music are often seen as close bedfellows. What better way to embrace this partnership than with PsyStation? Soundtrack your psychedelic sessions with this easy-to-use app that allows you to get lost in the moment. Looking for techno and trance vibes? They can be effortlessly selected. However, if you want something a little more low-key, there are plenty of chill, minimal tracks to check out.

As soon as you've nailed down your selection, there's no need to listen just through your phone. Connect to a Bluetooth speaker and enjoy better sound quality while you're tripping. Couple the music with a few of your favourite visual artworks (or apps), and you're onto a winner as far as we're concerned. Kick back, let yourself get immersed, and see where the music takes you.

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