Learn All About Dwc And Advanced Hydroculture

Using DWC buckets is one way to set up your hydroponic grow, but there are more options for you to take when going the hydro route. Find out about the different setups, and check the major pros and cons to help you decide what your next hydro grow should look like.

Hydro Setup Types For Cannabis

Advanced Hydro Set Ups For Homegrowers

The following article is designed for the home grower that has reached professional standards and wants to take their hydro grow to the next level. Your humble hydro grow can go big by turning it into an advanced hydroponic system. Let's start of with a few different setup types.

1. Convert Dwc Buckets Into A Recirculating System


Contemporary DWC Buckets are wonderfully effective self-contained single plant habitats. If you are already familiar with DWC Buckets and have a few small crops under your belt, scale up. No need to completely re-fit your grow op. Buy or build a few more buckets and connect them together.

By connecting your DWC Buckets together, you have the option to convert your grow op into a recirculating system. Not only does this make your use of nutrients more efficient it is also a surprisingly simple system to run. 5-6 DWC Buckets per m² can be tremendously productive. ScrOG for maximum yield. Add fresh nutrient solution once a week to avoid algae.

2. Scale Up The Grow Op With An Nft System Or Two


NFT or Nutrient Film Technique systems are typically all in one trays that can be easily slotted into bigger grow tents and grow rooms for advanced cultivation. The pump and nutrients are all housed below in the reservoir, while plants sit on a Rockwool slab cut to size to fill up the whole upper tray. NFT maintains a constant flow of nutes to plants roots, so they don’t have to waste any energy searching for food.

The un-used water or nutrient solution is pumped back up to create a cyclical flow to the roots and back into the reservoir. It’s best to purchase an NFT system online from a reputable manufacturer as the system will need to run smoothly 24 hours a day. This recirculating system is very efficient and ideally suited to SOG cannabis cultivation. Again changing the nutrient solution weekly is recommended.

3. Aeroponics For Next-Gen Growers


OK, so aeroponics is technically not hydroponics. But aeroponics is not a million miles from a DWC Bucket with high-performance tech. Essentially, aeroponics set ups are a more sophisticated way to mist the roots of plants with oxygen rich nutrient solution. This technology, along with LED lighting, is undoubtedly the future of indoor cannabis cultivation.

However, DIY aeroponics is ill-advised unless you’re handy with tools and plumbing. Duct tape loyalists and most ordinary decent home growers have yet to embrace this grow tech for this very reason. Unfortunately, high-quality, low maintenance aeroponics systems are prohibitively expensive. Well, in comparison to the top of the range easy fill DWC Buckets.

Aeroponics is definitely worth experimenting with. Provided you’ve got the funds to finance the high start-up cost of the grow op. For now, we’re sticking with the recirculating DWC Buckets and NFT.

Our final answer is both DWC Buckets and NFT have a proven track record with home growers the world over. Aeroponics is yet to make the commercial breakthrough. An affordable off the shelf system designed for the average home grower is badly needed.

Hydroponic Nutrients And Ph


As you have probably already learned by now, hydroponic mediums like clay pebbles and Rockwool are inert and less forgiving to incorrect doses of fertiliser. The optimal pH for cannabis cultivated in any hydro system is 5.8-6.1 with some exceptions dependent on strain.

In the past, a pH pen and EC meter were essential pieces of hydro kit. But the advent of the pH perfect range by Advanced Nutrients really makes these old school tools obsolete. Let these base nutrients work their magic and automatically dial in the nutes for you.

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Best pH And EC Value

Moreover, if you want the fattest resin dripping colas, you need to add bloom boosters. A combination of the Advanced Nutrients supplements or most other hydro specific bud bulkers with the pH perfect range makes it easy to increase yield without stressing over ppm and pH.

Flushing is the final hurdle where many hydro growers stumble. Even the long time pros on occasion mess up the flush. Remember when you pump up buds with high doses of fertilisers, especially chemical fertilisers, you must thoroughly flush plants. Use a light flushing solution or pure water for 2 weeks.

Pro’S And Con’S Of Advanced Hydro Cannabis Cultivation


Maximise Grow Space And Yields With Advanced Hydroponics

The biggest benefit of advanced hydroponics systems is the huge yield. Of course, hydro cropping speeds up the whole grow cycle too. Nothing produces more bud per m² than advanced hydroponics. In combination with high yield pruning and training techniques, the advanced hydro home grower can achieve marijuana self-sufficiency. FIM, LST, ScrOG and topping are all highly recommended.

Pitfalls Of Playing With Pro Tools

The only drawback of upgrading your grow op to an advanced hydroponics system is the potential legal consequences. Even in progressive nations and regions with cannabis-friendly laws and regulations, growers are still usually prohibited from producing. What many authorities would quantify as commercial scale a grower might call a phat stash.

Ironically the greatest attribute of advanced hydroponics is its Achilles heel. The heaviest indoor harvests can be cropped with properly configured advanced hydroponics setups. But the potential legal consequences can be pretty substantial too. This is the bittersweet truth for the moment.