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Growing Cannabis Outdoors


Do you want your plants to be outdoors enjoying the sun and all of its delights, just as nature intended? Then this section is for you. You will find all of the in-depth, need-to-know knowledge to turn your outdoor grow patch into a budding success.

Growing cannabis outdoors

Learn how to ensure the soil you plant your cannabis in has everything it needs, and is properly prepared. Find out the many consideration of the guerrilla grower – such as specific security concerns, stealth, and ways to dissuade wildlife from eating your crops. Discover how to make sure that your cannabis receives adequate sunlight, that you are watering enough, and that pH is being maintained.

You can also pick up some handy tips and much, much more about the proper outdoor growth of cannabis – such as boosting outdoor crops through the use of a compost tea, or the role beneficial enzymes and critters can play in your soil maintenance. In addition to this, you can also check out our indoor section, it never hurts to see both sides of the fence, and you may pick up some useful information to adapt into your outdoor cultivation!


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